Who is Hannah John-Kamen of Game of Thrones? 5 Facts You Need to Know
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Recognition, especially in the film industry, is often a strange thing; an actor or actress could finally get his or her name out on all the major news channels when promoting a film project or celebrating a film project and be considered a newcomer to the acting scene. However, a deeper look into their filmography would show that they have indeed been appearing in major projects for many years, but for some reason, they never get the recognition they deserve. This is an all too common story that has happened to many long-suffering celebrities, including Hannah John-Kamen, whose most recent projects in 2018 as a ghost in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Ant-Man and The Wasp have increased her popularity with mainstream audiences and earned her international fame.

Hannah John-Kamen’s career has also included appearances in major projects such as Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Ready Player One. Now that she has been given her breakout role, many people want to know who Hannah John-Kamen is. Her acting performance has shown that she will appear on movie and television screens much more in the future. Read below to find out more about the latest breakout star from Hollywood.

Who is Hannah John-Kamen?

Hanna John-Kamen was born on September 7, 1989, in Anlaby, East Yorkshire, England. The British star has always had her head in entertainment, especially in the acting industry.

Who is Hannah John-Kamen of Game of Thrones? 5 Facts You Need to Know
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She did not attend a regular college, but rather an art school, the Central School of Speech and Drama, after graduating from Hull Collegiate School. Before she ended up at the Central School of Speech and Drama, she trained at the National Youth Theatre in London.

By the time Hannah John-Kamen graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama, she had already performed in six performances, including Misfits and Black Mirror. Since Hannah was no longer burdened by the responsibilities of the school structure, she was offered the lead role in a musical, Viva Forever! at Piccadilly Theatre. Unfortunately, her first stage play received negative reviews, but fortunately, her individual performance was praised by theater critics.

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Hannah shook off the disappointment of her first stage play and moved on to other projects such as a lead role in Killjoys. She started in the show in 2015 before she was given a guest role in the television giant Game of Thrones. She played Ornela, one of the Dosh Khaleen widows in season 6 of the show. Despite her speaking role in the show and sufficient screen time for a guest appearance, it was not yet time for Hannah John-Kamen to shine.

In 2016, her guest appearance on Game of Thrones was followed by another appearance on Netflix’s hit series Black Mirror.

Although 2018 was to be her breakout year, it didn’t start with her appearance at the 2018 restart of Tomb Raider’s video game adaptation, and Hannah John-Kamen began to gain critical acclaim with Steven Spielberg’s 2018 film “Ready Player One. In a film that is considered one of Steven Spielberg’s less spectacular works, she was praised by the critics for her performance in the film. Hannah John-Kamen ended her breakaway year with her appearance in the sequel to Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man, and the Wasp as the film’s antagonist.

A look through Hannah John-Kamen’s filmography shows that she has the range to play different characters and that, together with her fantastic looks, she will be seen on many screens for years to come.

Although not one to open up her private life to public scrutiny, she’s confirmed to be dating Julian Stevens, a TV Producer.

Who is Hannah John-Kamen of Game of Thrones? 5 Facts You Need to Know

5 Facts You Need to Know About 

1. Hannah is an Accomplished Dancer

Outside of acting, Hannah John-Kamen is a music lover and an experienced player of musical instruments such as the piano. She is also an accomplished dancer who is well trained in ballet, salsa, and tap dance.

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2. Net Worth

Currently, the actress earns between $25,000 and $30,000 per episode of a television series. She also currently has an estimated net worth of $500,000, but all indications are that her net worth will increase in the coming years as her star continues to shine.

3. Hannah is of Mixed Ethnicity

Hannah John-Kamen has a Nigerian father who is a forensic psychologist and a Norwegian mother who is a former model. Hannah is British, however.

4. Older Siblings

She is the third of three children. Currently, there is limited information online about her siblings, but we know that her older sister is a doctor. She also has an older brother.

5. She’s a Voice Actor

After her breakout year, Hannah will mostly be in front of the camera for her projects, but she is also a trained dubbing artist. She has spoken a character from the successful video game Dark Souls and its sequel Dark Souls II.