Robin Christensen Roussimoff Bio, Facts and Profile of André the Giant’s Daughter
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Robin Christensen Roussimoff is a model, wrestler, and daughter of the famous superstar and legend of the World Wrestling Foundation (WWF), Andre Rene Roussimoff, better known to the rest of the world as “Andre The Giant”. The mention of Robin’s name may not be known to many, but her father’s nickname would certainly be remembered by WWE fans. Her father’s fame was so great that almost 26 years after his death, many would still remember the towering mountain of a man. Robin is also a wrestler, just like her father Andre, but she has yet to break into the mainstream of wrestling.

Robin Christensen Roussimoff – Bio And Profile

Robin Christensen Roussimoff was born sometime in 1979 in France. There is no record of the exact place or city in which she was born, and her exact date of birth was never mentioned. Her parents did not live together at birth and the child Robin was raised mostly by her mother who lived in France. As mentioned above, her father was the very popular wrestling legend Andre “The Giant” Roussimoff, while her mother was called Jean Christensen. She was the only child of her parents, and unfortunately, she has now become an orphan, since both her parents are dead.

Robin, her mother, and her family have not disclosed any information about her early years of adulthood, her educational status, and/or the college she attended to date. There is little or no information about Robin’s life that is generally known to the public. She appears to be a very private person who tends to shy away from public space.

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Robin Christensen Roussimoff has spoken about the world in general in the past, especially about the world of wrestling, which she says she has forgotten her father. She believes that her father’s legacy as a hall of fame legend of the WWF has been forgotten, and it was disrespectful to his memory. She was contacted to act as a consultant if a documentary film about the life and times of her father, Andre The Giant, was to be made. Robin eventually starred as herself in the documentary and gave her own view of her father. The documentary was released sometime in 2018.

Robin’s relationship with her father was not the best a daughter could have hoped for, but unfortunately, it was what she got. The first time she met her father was in a hospital where Andre had requested that a DNA test be done on her to really determine if she was his biological daughter. She can clearly remember seeing her father only five times in her entire life; she thinks he wanted to see more of her, but his busy schedule and career have not only given him the luxury of doing so.

Facts About André The Giant’s Daughter

Her Father Had The Gigantism Disorder

Robin Christensen Roussimoff – Bio, Facts and Profile of André the Giant’s Daughter
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Long and die-hard fans of wrestling can easily tell the story of who Andre The Giant was. He was one of the best wrestlers the WWF has ever produced. During his active years as a wrestler, he was unbeaten for almost 15 years, and despite his towering and imposing physique, he was also known as the gentle giant. He weighed 236 kg (520 lbs) and towered above other very impressively built superstars of wrestling at 224 cm (7 feet and 4 inches).

Andre’s mammoth size was the result of a gigantism disorder caused by the release of excess growth hormones in his body. This condition later turned into acromegaly, a condition in which he refused to undergo surgery to cure it, fearing that its cure would cause him to lose his unique physique.

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Physical Attributes And Hobbies

What is striking about Robin Christensen Roussimoff is that almost every inch of her body is covered with tattoos. She loves listening to music and reading. She loves to eat lots of seafood. Robin is also a comic fan and has participated in several Comic-Con events.


While it is true that Robin is very intimate about her personal life, our research concluded that she is not in a romantic relationship in early 2019.

Robin Christensen Roussimoff Net Worth

Robin Christensen Roussimoff has reported a net worth of $100,000. She hopes to enter mainstream wrestling, a feat that would certainly make her fortune skyrocket.