Ashley Kolfage Biography, Celeb Facts and Profile of Brian Kolfage’s Wife
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The name Kolfage is a name that has not become famous for conventional reasons. Brian Kolfage is an Air Force veteran with the most serious injuries, injuries he suffered during his time in Iraq. Ashley Kolfage, however, is one of the people who are famous for their closeness to a loved one, since the wife of Brian, a triple amputee, did not care about his loss of limbs and still wanted to marry him. To learn more about Ashley Kolfage, read on.

Ashley Kolfage Biography And Profile

Ashley Goetz was born on September 16, 1985, in the city of San Angelo, Texas. She spent her childhood in San Angelo, but details about her family members and the kind of life she led as a child are not known to the general public.

She completed her high school education at the Central High School in San Angelo, her birthplace. Ashley received her degree in Education from Angelo State University. She graduated in 2008 from the university where she had studied since 2004.

Ashley Kolfage – Biography, Celeb Facts and Profile of Brian Kolfage’s Wife
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Marriage to Brian Kolfage

In 2003, while Ashley was in her junior year in high school and working as a hostess at Chili, she met Brian Kolfage. He was stationed at an air force base not far from San Angelo and sometimes came to the restaurant. In an exposé of her life that Ashley gave to Cosmopolitan, she said their relationship had just begun when they were friends, but he always tried to give her his number. But the fear of infidelity and the fact that she was in a relationship at the time scared her off.

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After his transfer to Kuwait the same year, they managed to stay in touch until the incident that changed his life. A week after Brian’s deployment in Iraq, a missile was fired into his camp, exploding three meters away from him, taking both his legs and his right hand. Ashley had heard about it from their mutual friends, but they lost contact until 2008.

She was on her way to college when he reached out to her on Facebook. Messages were sent back and forth until Brian invited her to Arizona, where he lived, and within a year they fell in love. He asked her to marry him in 2009 and she said yes. They were married in 2011, on May 28.

Ashley Kolfage – Biography, Celeb Facts and Profile of Brian Kolfage’s Wife
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The couple lives in Arizona with their two children. When they were about to get married, Ashley’s family and friends expressed concern about how she would cope. However, it appears that in the four years after his accident, before he turned to her, he had undergone rehabilitation to learn to live without his limbs and to use his left hand effectively. Ashley has stated that Brian is insanely independent and able to take care of himself, even though some things take longer, but he still manages to do them.

Celeb Facts about Ashley Kolfage

1. After college she moved to Arizona to be closer to Brian for a while. During this time she worked in one of the eight schools in the Catalina Foothills Unified School District. He had arranged for her to work as a teaching assistant.

2. Ashley Kolfage has a beautiful body, a body that looks like it was made for the runways, and because of that she was able to compete for the Maxim cover girl for 2018, she finished fifth. She decided to use the platform’s voting process to raise funds for the charity Homes for Wounded Soldiers.

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3. Together with her husband, she was also involved in another fundraising campaign. They tried to raise $1 billion to finance the construction of the wall that President Trump is trying to build.

4. Mrs. Kolfage’s modeling career does not end with Maxim Cover Girl; she has modeled for the catalog Dynamic Desert Photography.

5. The scope of her career is not limited to teaching and modeling; Ashley Kolfage is also an entrepreneur. She owns the boutique Coconut Chic, where she sells clothes mainly for children.

6. In the first years of their marriage they fought to have children. After they were medically examined, it turned out that her cervix was too narrow and she could only get pregnant through IVF, which she did, and now they have two children.