Jonathan Brandis Age, Gay, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Why Did He Kill Himself?
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Remember the only actor – Jonathan Brandis, who appeared in all 57 episodes of SeaQuest 2032 in 1993? It’s worth noting that he was not only a popular teenage actor but also a screenwriter and film director who is said to have started out as a children’s model at the age of two before he ventured into acting in television commercials and later got roles in movies and television series.

The actor, whose trademarks were his beautiful bright blue eyes and mischievous smile, made his television debut on the set of the ABC soap entitled One Life to Live, in which he played the character of Kevin Buchanan. He played an important role in the film The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter, in which he was cast as Bastian Bux. Before his untimely death in 2003, he also appeared in several other movies and television series.

Jonathan Brandis Bio, Age

The J-Man, as he got his nickname, was born on November 12, 1976, as Jonathan Gregory Brandis in Danbury Connecticut. According to Brandis, his father Gregory Brandis, who had mixed Scottish, English, and German descent, was his most important inspiration in life. Gregory earned his living as a fireman and also served as a food distributor. His mother Mary Brandis, who works as a teacher and human resources manager, is of Italian and Irish descent.

Jonathan Brandis Age, Gay, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Why Did He Kill Himself?

Jonathan Brandis began his career as a model at the tender age of two when he worked for a Buster Brown shoe commercial. By the time the aspiring entertainer was four years old, he was already taking part in television commercials. Although the name of his high school is not mentioned, the records show that in order to take on his role on seaQuest, he had to double his classes in high school and finished a year earlier. The aspiring actor later attended a special institution called Valley Professional School, which he graduated from in 1993.

Is Jonathan Brandis Gay?

The answer to the question of whether the actor was gay cannot be affirmed due to his obvious dating history. At least it is on record that he was involved in some relationships with the opposite sex before his death. Furthermore, he never gave reason to believe that he was gay.

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His Net Worth

The deceased entertainer’s fortune has not been updated since his death, but according to records he appeared in a total of 85 commercials, several films, and television series during his lifetime. His achievements in the entertainment industry must have been worthwhile, even if his career later deteriorated.

His Girlfriend

The deceased actor was in a romantic entanglement with Tatjana Ali, a well-known actress, and singer. Their relationship began in 1995 when the prominent couple was featured in People Magazine in July of that year. The duo was a topic of discussion from 1995 to 1998, when they decided to end the relationship.

Brandis is said to have started a relationship with Monica Keena in 2000, but how and when the relationship ended is not known, but at the time of his death they were definitely not together.

Jonathan Brandis Age, Gay, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Why Did He Kill Himself?
Image source

Why did he kill himself?

Jonathan Brandis took his own life by hanging himself in his apartment in Los Angeles on November 11, 2003, at exactly 11:40 pm. His body was transported by paramedics to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after he was discovered at the scene of his death. The next day, November 12, the young actor is said to have died of his injuries at 2:44 pm.

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The reason for Brandis’s deed cannot be clarified as no farewell letter was found after his death. According to some close friends, the actor fell into a state of depression as a result of his declining career to make the bad situation even worse. His role in Hart’s War in 2002 – which he believed would be his saving grace – experienced a significant reduction in the final cut of the film. Consequently, Jonathan Brandis took to the bottle and confessed his intentions to take his own life.

“A Minor Consideration”, a body responsible for dealing with issues relating to child actors, spoke about their president Paul Peterson, who is a former child actor. In his statements, Paul explained that the underlying cause of Brandis’s death is unknown and that speculation is not helpful. He concluded by saying that what led to Brandis’s suicide would remain a mystery as no one knew what influenced his decision to take his own life. The remains of the actor were not buried, his body was cremated and the ashes were given to his family.