Dianne Doan Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Married, Facts
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Dianne Doan was the human name behind the famous character Isra in the 2013 episode “Once upon a time”: “Selfless, courageous and true”. In another case, she played the role of Lonnie in the blockbuster movie – “Descendants in 2015” and “Descendants 2” in 2017. Hard work and good performances have put her in the spotlight, no wonder she is loved by almost everyone who has seen her films.

Dianne is more known for her work on the screen than for who she really is. Good enough, this young, talented American with mixed ancestry is a person you will find all the information about her interesting. So read on while we shed light on her unique personality.

Dianne Doan Wiki, Age, Ethnicity

Dianne Doan is a Canadian actress and dancer born on September 8, 1990, in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She and her sister Theresa Doan were raised by her parents, who are of Vietnamese descent. Her grandmother is half Chinese, so by ethnicity, Dianne is one-eighth Chinese and one-eighth Asian.

Dianne Doan Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Married, Facts
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Growing up as a young girl, Dianne was fun because she had a lot of playtimes, which she rightly used productively and which has now really paid off. At the age of 10, like most young girls at that time, she developed an interest in acting when she took acting lessons as an optional subject. Dianne went even further and started technical dance training sessions, and since she is good at what she learns as a young adult, she got the chance to perform as a dancer at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It can be said that this was the beginning of her humble contact with the center of the action. At this event, she also got a role as a background dancer for Michael Buble and worked in this era as a dancer in other music videos for various recording artists.

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Her remarkable talents with a touch of Asian ancestry have been seen in films that no one else is suited for. Her recent works include a major role as Yidu in Viking’s Season 4, Anh Ly in Legends of Tomorrow- Season 3 Episode 7- Welcome To The Jungle. Dianne tells a story in which talent and hard work are combined with opportunity, for at her young age she has achieved what most of her peers can only dream of.

To further her television career, Dianne was cast as Mai Ling, the main character in a television series called Warrior.

Dianne Doan’s Boyfriend, Married

Dianne is not married, and the closest she came to a man as a friend or partner was in an interview she did in 2016 about mating with Travis Fimmel in the movie Vikings, in which she played a romantic role. Dianne admitted that…

“Fimmel’s eyes are a little intense. I’m not kidding, sometimes I couldn’t look at him because I felt he was shooting daggers through his eyes at me. I would literally say, “You must leave now, please. I thank you.”

For the time being, Dianne is rightfully single. Otherwise, she’s been hiding details of her romantic life. She hasn’t been openly vocal about admitting she has a boyfriend, nor does any guy out there give us reason to believe that he has something going on with her behind the public eye. If anything like that ever happens, you can be sure we’ll keep you posted.

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Dianne Doan Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Married, Facts
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Other Interesting Facts About Dianne Doan 

  • Dianne does contemporary dance
  • Her net worth is $1.5 million
  • She has a perfect body shape and measurement with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches (1.68 m)
  • She became the first Asian woman to land a role in Vikings and is a lead in Guidance
  • Dianne admits to being under pressure  to represent her whole ethnicity well in Vikings season 4 being the only ethnic character in the series
  • She has her spirit animal as the horse, and admits to always feeling connected and calm around them,
  • and she would love to have the superhero powers of being able to fly or read animal minds