Sabrina Bryan Married, Husband, Ethnicity, Height, Boyfriend, Bio
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Reba Sabrina Hinojos is better known under her stage name Sabrina Bryan. She is a versatile American entertainer, singer, songwriter, actress, author, fashion designer, choreographer, dancer, and television personality. Sabrina simply has many reasons to be seen on television or on the stage of what is happening in the entertainment world.

She has successfully established herself as a media icon and is said to have been passionate about singing and acting since her childhood. Many people fondly remember Sabrina for her first professional role as Dorinda in The Cheetah Girls.

Sabrina Bryan Bio, Ethnicity, and Height

Sabrina Bryan was born on September 16, 1984, in Yorba Linda, California, United States of America, as a daughter of the Mexican father Fred Hinojos and the Caucasian mother Kathy Hinojos. She has a sister named Starr Hinjos, and both grew up with their parents as one family.

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She has a mixed white ethnicity with Mexican/Spanish parents and American nationality. She enjoyed growing up as she had a lot of time to do what she loved as a little girl: singing and acting. No wonder that she was able to refine her skills perfectly and is excellent in everything she does today.

For her high school education, Sabrina enrolled at Esperanza High School in 1998 and left in 2002 after graduating from there. During her stay at Esperanza High School, she became a member of the signing team of the school and has performed incredibly well there. She proved to be an indispensable member of the team, and indeed, this was the beginning of bigger things to come.

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For college, she enrolled at Chapman University in Orange, California, where she studied public relations and advertising. In 2007 she graduated and went to the Hart Academy of Dance in La Habra, California to be trained by experts in the fine art of dance. Years later, in 2007 and 2012, she participated in the reality TV dance competition Dancing with the Stars twice in a row. She did not win either competition, as she was eliminated in the sixth round both times. However, she and her dance partner Mark Ballas set a new competition record by scoring 30/30 points in the judges’ initial phase before she was eliminated.

Sabrina is undoubtedly a beautiful lady with hot female curves, perfect for a bikini. To achieve this, she lives a healthy lifestyle where she eats the right food and exercises. Her body measurements are 36-25-35 inches. These perfect body measurements are packed into 60 kg total body weight while standing four inches at a height of 1.5 m. Her weight and height are perfect for her entertainment lifestyle.

Sabrina Bryan’s Boyfriend, Husband, and Marital Status

Sabrina Bryan admitted in 2012 that she enjoyed dancing so much and was about to establish a relationship with her former dance partner Mark Ballas, who is known as a drug addict.

There were so many rumors that the two dated in 2007, but in 2008 they ended the relationship because Mark was a known drug addict. The rumors about their relationship lasted for a very long time, and it even found their way into 2016 when they finally ended it.

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Sabrina Bryan Married, Husband, Ethnicity, Height, Boyfriend, Bio
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Sabrina Bryan categorically exposed the rumor and the controversy surrounding it and supported it. She denied the rumor and let everyone know emphatically that she was single. So we know for sure that she is not having an affair with anyone and that no one has given any signs that would lead to suspicion of a meeting. We are pretty sure that she is happy with her life as her professional career is progressing by leaps and bounds.

She is one of those celebrities who work hard to keep her private life away from the ever-present eyes of the media. Maybe there would have been something between the two if the Ballas hadn’t been on drugs, because they were just magical in the show.

Sabrina Bryan managed to keep her private life very reserved. She’s not married to Mark Ballas, but it almost seemed like something happened between the two at the time, but Sabrina didn’t feel comfortable with Ballas’ personality as a drug addict and so on.