Brooke Hyland Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend, Siblings
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Music, drama, even sports have the ability to bind people across the different lines that seem to divide the human race. And know about Brooke Hyland Bio, Age, Height.

The art of dance is also included in this list; depending on where you come from, there are different reservations and styles for dance. From the graces presented to us from the Middle and the Far East in Asia to the ballerinas, to the noisy foot-operated movements that predominate in the Caribbean and Africa, dance appears all over the world. In this article, we look at a young jewel in this field from a family rooted in this beautiful art.

Brooke Hyland Bio, Age, Height

Brooke Hyland is the daughter of Kelly and Randy Hyland. Her mother Kelly was a dancer herself after practicing this art for more than 30 years with the Abby Miller Dance Company. Brooke is the oldest of three children; she was born on January 30, 1998, in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. At only 19 years old, she became a massive hit in social media and on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”.

Brooke Hyland Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend, Siblings
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At the tender age of nine, she began to take her dancing career seriously at 1.56 meters. She was also very interested in singing. Brooke performed with Dance Moms in 2011, which greatly benefited her popularity with a growing fan base. The show focuses on the early education and careers of young children, as well as the guidance of tutor Abby Lee Miller.

She took the step to join the show after joining the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company, yes, just like her mother. During her time with the Show Dance Moms, she was celebrated as a top performer three times in three seasons. Her pursuit of basic academic heights brought her to Franklin Regional High School, where she met her younger siblings Paige and Josh Hyland. Brooke graduated in 2016 before moving to the University of Ohio, where she continued her studies with a focus on business.

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In 2011 she appeared in the music video “It’s Like Summer”. In 2012 Brooke ventured into singing and produced her first single “Summer Love Single”, whose song was released on iTunes on July 24th of the same year and regularly made it into the Top 10 on various music lists compiled during this time. Then came 2013 and the young Brooke released her first full album “Brooke Hyland”, which was received with much applause.

She may be young, but like most celebrities in the spotlight, the controversy doesn’t seem far away. It has been reported that she was involved in a fight with her tutor Abby Lee Miller, which led to a nasty argument between her tutor and her mother Kelly Hyland. Kelly was arrested by police, which gives an idea of how bad things got when the mother accused the tutor of mistreating her children behind the camera. At the end of this rather bad episode, Paige and Kelly stopped visiting the Abby Miller Dance Company.

Brooke Hyland Dating, Boyfriend

High school love can be a very beautiful thing, and this can be said for Brooke and her high school sweetheart Nolan Betts. Nolan himself was accepted at Penn State University after leaving high school, where he majored in computer science. The young couple has been together for five years. Insights into their love life through their online social media posts show that they are truly in love with each other.

Brooke Hyland Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend, Siblings
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The fall of 2013 brought a bit of rumor for the young couple as Twitter was flooded with tweets about Brooke, who was pregnant with Nolan’s baby. After varying reactions from fans and onlookers, the story was finally faded out as it could not be proven. Nolan Betts is a social media sensation like his love partner, and through many of Brooke’s posts, she often expresses how blessed she feels to have him as a friend.

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Brooke Hyland’s Siblings

The other Hyland children are in no way less impressive than their older sibling Brooke. Together with Brooke, Paige and Josh are also stars in the lifetime hit reality series Dance Moms. Josh Hyland is the middle child between Paige and Brooke. When he was younger, he danced in a trio that included Paige and Chloe Lukasiak, another Dance Moms star named Mr. Touchdown.

After dancing, young Josh became an avid hockey player. Paige Hyland was also a star on Dance Moms; she filed a lawsuit against the producers of the show for intentional emotional distress. She started dancing at the age of two when she joined the Abby Miller Dance Company and joined Dance Moms at nine. She also found a career on YouTube as an entertainer.

Net Worth

As a dancer, singer, and former reality TV star, Brooke Hyland will surely have amassed a considerable fortune in her still-young career. Her net worth is estimated at 250,000 dollars.