Peter Gunz Kids, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Wife, Baby Mamas, Bio
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Peter Gunz became a popular name for the first time after the song Deja Vu – Uptown Baby climbed to number nine on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number six on the Canadian single charts. He sang the song together with Lord Tariq. It was the main single of their debut album Make It Reign.

The song, which was produced by KNS and released in December 1997, rocked the United States. According to records, over one million copies were sold, which led the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to certify the song as platinum in 1998. In 1999, when fans of Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz were expecting another hit from the duo’s follow-up album, it turned out that they had split for reasons that can best be described as history, as we are here for Peter Gunz.

As a musician, Gunz is a multi-instrumentalist. He’s also a manager, and his first child, Cory Gunz, is also a rapper currently signed to Young Money Entertainment. After Peter became famous with Lord Tariq, he was nominated for a Grammy Award. He became very famous, toured the world, and worked with famous artists like Ice Cube, Mariah Carey, and Fat Joe.

Peter Gunz Kids, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Wife, Baby Mamas, Bio
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Peter Gunz Net Worth

Before Peter appeared in the VHI reality series, he had a difficult time financially. It is now widely believed that he has a net worth of $500,000. This cannot be proven, as it is also claimed that he is only worth $100,000.

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Peter Gunz Wiki, Bio Age

Peter Gunz will celebrate his 49th birthday in 2018. He was born Peter Pankey on January 6, 1969, in the Bronx, Idaho, United States of America.

As Peter’s fame gradually faded, he got the chance to appear in the VHI reality series Love & Hip Hop: New York. While he appeared as a guest in the 3rd and 8th seasons of the reality series, he regularly performed as the father of Amina and Tara’s children from the 4th to the 7th season.

Meanwhile, Peter also tries to make a career out of managing other artists and is a big fan of boxing. He has 10 children, one grandchild and has had romantic affairs with two women for many years.

Peter Gunz Kids, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Wife, Baby Mamas, Bio
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Peter Gunz Wife, Baby Mamas

The wife of Peter Gunz is Amina Buddafly. She is also known as Aminata Schmahl and Amina Pankey. She was born in Germany and is of Senegalese and German descent. She is interested in R&B and was once a member of Black Buddafly.

With Peter, she has two daughters named Cori and Bronx. She appeared in the VHI reality series alongside Peter. The series captures the relationship between her, Peter, and his girlfriend Tara.

As the mother of Peter Gunz’s three sons – Jamison, Kaz, and Gunner – Taranasha Wallace also appeared in the VHI reality series. Tara has been in a steady relationship with Peter Gunz for over 13 years. It was a big drama when she and Amina were pregnant for Peter in the sixth season, although they are not the only baby mothers Peter has. There is also Gina, the mother of his son Brandon Prince. Peter once showed the world the mothers of his children when he shared a picture with a message saying

Not that I’m the best dad it’s that they have the best Moms… 4 of the beautiful mothers of my Kings and Queens…”

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Peter Gunz’s Kids

For Peter, his 10 children are his greatest achievement. There was a time when he shared a picture of Amina with Tara’s son, expressing his intention to keep his children together. “…My children will know and love each other as long as I live, no matter what adults feel for each other or for me…” he wrote.