All The Scoop On Kevin Hart’s Totally Adorable kids
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Kevin Hart can be considered the king of stand-up comedy in the United States. His shows are among the most popular and therefore most watched. It seems that he is fruitful in most of his efforts. With his natural ability to make people laugh, the comedian quickly gained popularity and soon met a partner with whom he could start a family. Her name is Torrei Hart. The two of them made the alliance for life in 2003 and lived together until 2010 when they separated. During the time they were together, they were blessed with wonderful children. Many would want to know – Are these children as funny and funny as their father? If you want to learn more about Kevin Hart’s children, you’ve come to the right place. Although Kevin is divorced from his wife, he has partial custody of his children, and he has always been very close to them, giving them all the fatherly love that any child could wish for.

How Many Children Does Kevin Have?

Kevin Hart can say that he is currently a proud father of two children, a beautiful girl named Heaven Hart and her handsome brother Hendrix Hart. The two were born of Kevin and Torrei Hart. The couple was married for about eight years before they separated and were eventually divorced. Since it was the comedian who filed for divorce, he gave the reason for the separation as an irreconcilable difference between him and his wife. Later it should turn out that Eniko Parrish (Kevin’s current fiancée) was responsible for the failed marriage. However, the comedian firmly rejected the accusations and defended his new catch vigorously.

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Heaven Hart

The sky is only 11 years old and already shows signs of being as beautiful as her mother. It is too early to talk about whether the little angel has indeed inherited her mother’s talent and is therefore on her way to pursue her career. Still, it would not be surprising. Children born to celebrities are usually by default also celebrities. Take, for example, people like Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian; it would be surprising if their daughter North West turned out to be different. Heaven is a little different, and it wouldn’t be surprising either if she had a completely different career in the future. heaven hart

Hendrix Hart

The son of Lil Kevin is called Hendrix. The lanky boy is growing up fast and has the potential to be handsome and successful as his father. He is currently 8 years old and very proud of his father, just as his father is proud of him. Perhaps it is his ability to make people in the family laugh naturally and it is only a matter of time before the young man starts to entertain his peers. I don’t think it will surprise you to learn that he started making funny jokes at school.

Don’t miss the following: Kevin Hart Height, Lebron James wife, Beyonce body, Vin Diesel twin, Justin Bieber Height, Ariana Grande heighthendrix harts mentioned earlier, Kevin Hart filed for divorce, but then asked the court to grant him joint custody of the children and not to send spousal support to his ex-wife He was successful with his application and now enjoys the joint parenthood of his daughter and son with his ex-wife, although they do not live together. This has brought the entertainer very close to his ex-wife. They were even branded as the friendliest exes in Hollywood. Strangely enough, he has showered the mother of his children with gifts, including the brand new Cadillac Escalade he bought her on her birthday. He explains that he just wants to see everyone happy and keep his family together.

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For a long time, a fight in the social media between Torrei and Eniko threatened to destroy the happiness of Kevin’s family, but the actor’s two important wives decided to separate and still remain true friends. It seems that Kevin has read the act of the rioter to the women, and it is up to us to wait and see if the truce continues. Torres despite all signs, Kevin Hart has a great family. Very few men are so blessed that the two women in his life get along so well. They are so closely connected that his girlfriend Eniko goes on a family vacation with them, and there are no oddities. The comedian will soon marry Eniko and have hinted that they will have more children. Maybe the family will become even bigger in the future. See more of Kevin hart’s family moments