Sylvester Stallone’s Tattoos: Everything You Should Know
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Tattoos have long become the norm for many, especially celebrities. People, including celebrities, tattoo their bodies for various reasons. Some do it just to enjoy body art, others to show off, and some group themselves together because of the cult they follow.

Amazingly, tattooing is not just a practice for the young, seniors are big fans of tattoos, and action movie icon Sylvester Stallone is not left out.

At 69, Stallone is still one of the most remarkable action stars of all time. Known as Rambo or Rocky Balboa, Stallone has tattoos around his body. But compared to most celebrities who apply theirs just for fun or to show off, Stallones are applied for a different reason.

Sylvester Stallone’s Tattoos: Everything You Should Know

Why Did He Get The Tattoos?

As an action movie actor who tries intimidating and heartbreaking stunts every now and then, Stallone is prone to injuries and has suffered a number of them. In a statement, he said: “I have every kind of chest injury, I injured my vein during the shooting of Rocky II and had to be stitched with sixty stitches” Ouch! He continued: “If you saw Rocky, you would understand how bad they look. He also said that the injuries made a negative impression on people and he was frustrated by people’s misconceptions. To get rid of the unsightly scars on his body, Stallone decided to get tattoos. Stallone has tattoos on his arm, chest, and back.

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Perhaps the most remarkable of Stallone’s tattoos is the portrait of his wife Jennifer Flavin and three roses representing his three daughters, all of whom have risen as middle names. He first showed the tattoo in 2010 in the first part of The Expendables.

The Men behind Sylvester Stallone’s tattoos

Sylvester Stallone’s tattoos were designed by some of the famous tattoo artists. The portrait of Flavin, his third and current wife, was designed by Mike Devries. DeVries is the owner of MD Tattoos, which is based in Northridge, California. Mike is known for his amazing work as a tattoo artist.

Sylvester Stallone’s Tattoos: Everything You Should Know
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This tattoo was applied to the upper arm of the right shoulder. The elegant roses are applied in different colors, red, gold and purple, as explained earlier, they represent Scarlet, Sistine, and Sophia, the three daughters of the couple.

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Another reason for the tattoo was to celebrate his more than a ten-year relationship with his wife.

Another top tattoo artist working on Stallone’s body art was Mario Barth. Barth is a top tattoo artist based in Sin City, Las Vegas. He worked on some of the tattoos that helped cover and fill in the scars.