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To say that Beyoncé is one of the most remarkable entertainers of all time is an understatement. She’s a powerful megastar known practically all over the world. When fans are not captivated by her singing and dancing, they are amazed by her often tall and blonde hair.

She knows how to be nervous and can always surprise her fans with a sexy elf cut. But behind this glamour and great hair, people often wonder what her real hair looks like. Besides: Is she a real blonde? Well, below you will find insights that will answer the relevant questions about Beyonce’s real hair.

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What are Beyonce’s real hair and its color?

Queen Bey, as she is often called, always looks sharp when she is on stage or on vacation. She likes to rock long blonde hair, which is often wavy depending on her mood. As we all know, weaving has revolutionized the way women wear their hair and not just colored women. Yes, Beyoncé has come away with an assortment of natural-looking fabrics that have confused many about their real hair. But the key to learning about her natural hair lies in the images she took when she was young. A few pictures show a youthful Beyoncé rocking long, textured dark hair. This only shows that Beyoncé is not a natural blonde. However, she likes to color her hair and weaves blonde to add personality and fun.

So the megastar is naturally dark-haired and many people may find it hard to believe, but it is a fact. Many times she has been spotted with thick, curly blonde curls that could be her natural hair, raising the question of how long Beyoncé’s hair actually is.

Beyoncé’s hair length

Revelations by Kim Kimble, Beyoncé’s longtime hairdresser in 2013, revealed that Beyoncé had long hair that she had cared for a long time, but which she had cut off to make a bold new statement at the time. Kim went on to explain that it would take a long time for Beyoncé to get the same length again and that it was in some ways a drastic thing for the superstar.

One thing can be said for sure: Beyoncé is not someone who adapts, but someone who sets trends worldwide. Another element that people wonder about is the texture of her real hair. Is her hair perverse or soft? Over the years, has she used relaxers on her real hair to achieve a smoother look?

Hair Texture

According to online photos of Beyoncé as a child, her long dark hair is incredibly textured and soft. This shows that she may have started to relax her hair from an early age to achieve that long, flowing hair.

As an adult, many hair experts believe that she uses excellent hair care products to ensure that her natural hair is smoother and softer than normal. Only when she wants to achieve that hardcore hair look is Beyoncé one that will keep her natural hair structured and smooth. However, many hair experts claim that she also masters the art of integrating strands into her natural hair. This means that she can rock her natural hair in front while adding honey-colored extensions that complete a full natural look of the hair.

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Beyoncé’s distinctive look

Anyone who has followed Beyoncé’s hair trends knows that she loves her blonde honey color. Besides, big hair is always a plus for her. In this respect, rich, wavy, tall blond hair is her trademark. It goes without saying that a large part of this look is achieved through tissue. She likes to dye her weavings to match her services as desired. Some people have argued that her dark natural hair looks better on her, but everyone has their own preferences.

Whichever hair she chooses, there is no question that Beyoncé never disappoints. She is a trendsetter who has always made women feel sexy and comfortable with her style. You never know what hair she will have next and she can choose to go completely natural. Either way, she has found her natural hold on the hair and can describe herself in many ways. Whether short or long (blond or dark curls), her hair always enhances her face in a unique way. This radiates her natural beauty even further, to say the least.