Who is Sonni Pacheco? 6 Things You Need To Know
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Every now and then a few people tend to become famous for various reasons that are not the norm. For some, there are good reasons why others find themselves popular for all the wrong reasons. Sonni Pacheco falls into the category of the former, and in the following sections, you will learn more about who she is and what made her popular.

Who is Sonni Pacheco?

Sonni Pacheco became famous after she was married to one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, popularly known for his role as Hawkeye in one of Marvel’s superhero movies, “The Avengers”.
However, her popularity is not only due to the fact that she was married to a celebrity, but that she actually worked as a model for a number of top brands and acted in a number of movies.
It is therefore an interesting character to discover. So here are a few facts about Sonnie Pacheco that you will certainly want to know.

6 Things You Need to Know About Sonni Pacheco

1. Birth and Childhood

Sonni Pacheco was born in 1991 in Pitt Meadows, in the North American country of Canada (her exact date of birth is currently unknown). As a child, she developed a deep love for animals, as she grew up on a farm in her home country Canada. Interestingly, one of the very first pets she had was a frog.

She did not disclose information about her family, including her parents and siblings, nor the schools she attended, mainly due to her indifference to social media.

Who is Sonni Pacheco? 6 Things You Need To Know
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2. She is a Canadian Model and Actress. 

Sonni Pacheco began her career as a model, for which she appeared in a series of low-budget commercials. Later she received calls to be featured in some top magazines, which further increased her popularity. Soon she was among the girls chosen to promote “Monster Energy Drinks”, a job she really enjoyed. Later, Sonni set herself the goal of pursuing a career as an actress. After a series of auditions, in 2009 she got her very first acting job in the teen comedy “American Pie Presents”: The Book of Love”. In the film, she played a beautiful young girl in a wet t-shirt. After that, she got a small role in the action blockbuster “Mission Impossible”, which was shot in 2011: Ghost Protocol”, in which she played the role of an extra.

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3. Secret Marriage

After a rather short career as a model and actress, she met the popular, multiple award-winning actors Jeremy Renner on the set of the movie “Ghost Protocol”, which was released in 2011. The couple met for a while before they got married in a secret wedding ceremony on September 24, 2014. When questioned, Sonni said that this was due to Jeremy’s desire to keep his private life away from the eyes of the public and attention in general, as he did not want his family to be persecuted by the paparazzi.

4. Motherhood and Divorce

Sonni Pacheco gave birth to her first child and her first daughter, Ava Berlin Renner, on March 28, 2013. The birth of Ava was out of wedlock at the time when her marriage to Renner was still secret. After the date of their union became known, the couple announced three months later, in December 2014, that they would divorce. Their separation was finalized on December 28, 2015, with Jeremy Renner being ordered to pay $13,000 in alimony. They also share joint custody of their only daughter Ava.

Who is Sonni Pacheco? 6 Things You Need To Know
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5. Height, Weight, Body Statistics

One thing is for sure, Sonni Pacheco is a gorgeous woman with body characteristics and statistics that many women would envy and that men would take in their arms. She stands at a height of 1.73 m (5 feet 8 inches). It is thanks to her body features that it was easier for her to work as a model as well as an actress for a short time. She also has a pair of green eyes and a hair color that is dark brown. The actress wears a dress size 2(US), shoe size 8(US), and polka dots 24-inch waist size, and 35-inch hip size.

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6. Her Net Worth

After working briefly in the entertainment industry as a model and actress, it is expected that she should have earned a considerable income from her work. Moreover, marrying a top Hollywood actor should have increased her overall income, but given the fact that she signed a prenuptial agreement before her marriage, her earnings remain subjectively dependent on her personal efforts. Thus Sonni Pacheco has a net worth of $2.3 million.