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Who Is Romina Garcia, Is She Dead Or Alive? Here Are Facts

Who Is Romina Garcia, Is She Dead Or Alive? Here Are Facts
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Many will not be familiar with the name Romina Garcia; she was a bizarre Internet personality whose views and ideas were a mystery to her fans for several years. People spent their money and time on social media to decipher whether she was serious or just trying to be funny with her content. Even Dr. Phil invited her to his show, just to make the viewers realize that she was just an attention-seeking, strange young lady.

Romina, who became even more popular after her appearance on Dr. Phil’s show, was known to defend domestic violence because her boyfriend, according to her, only hits her to show her that he loves her. Another controversial quote from her, which says, “If you’re black, you’re not African,” was just one way to get under-deserved attention, as the racist undertone in her message caused a stir in the media.

Who is Romina Garcia?

The short Internet personality was born on June 9, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America. Romina Garcia was born under the sign of the celestial twins and was of American nationality, but her ethnicity is unknown. There is currently no information about her background or the educational institutions she attended, but it is common knowledge that she became popular through her work on Katy Hux and the Stone of Anubis 2007 and Rumbo Fijo 2015. Her belief in her alleged resemblance to Kim Kardashian gave her the confidence to appear under the film name Romina Kardashian.

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Who Is Romina Garcia, Is She Dead Or Alive? Here Are Facts
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Is She Dead Or Alive?

When the sad news broke on January 7, 2016, that Lil Durk’s chick, Romina Garcia, also known as Romi Kardashian, was found dead in her hotel room because she had died of a heroin overdose, it was somehow suspicious. The Shade Room reported that Romina’s death coincided with the day that Lil Durk released his new video called My Beyonce.

Even more fishy was the fact that Lil Durk was contacted by the infamous companion Jenna Shae about Romina’s death, but his response was very cold and indicated that he had no idea who Romina was. The obvious question now is how Durk could claim not to know Romina Garcia when there is a video of them in bed together. However, there are still some die-hard fans of the social media personality who firmly believe that she is not dead but rather hiding from her pimps and that her death was a hoax.

Facts About Romina Garcia

The controversial personality Romina Garcia was and still is a hot topic for most of her fans, who find it hard to believe her sad end, but in the following, you will find interesting facts about her:

1. She was a Heavy Drinker

Romina was a heavy drinker who constantly bragged online to her fans that she was in love with Henny and Cuervo, but her favorite drink is a mixture of tequila and cognac. It is speculated that her love of strong drinks may be due to the fact that she likes to party with hip-hop artists and many of them love the Hennessy brand. Romina has vowed that she could finish a bottle of Hennessy with plenty of tequila and still be able to stand up straight and walk in a straight line.

 2. She was Tagged a Boyfriend Snatcher

Who Is Romina Garcia, Is She Dead Or Alive? Here Are Facts
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Everything suggests that the social media personality is notorious for stealing other women’s boyfriends, otherwise one would say that she was photographed in bed with Lil Durk, a hip-hop artist who was in a love affair with rapper Dej Loaf at the time. While it’s not unusual for Lil Durk to go out with two women at the same time, as the hip-hop scene is notorious for having flings, Romina even went so far as to call Dej Loaf in her bedpost with Lil Durk, which was the real catch.

3. Online Tribute

After her ostensible demise, her fans paid online homage to the brief Internet sensation that did nothing but upset many people. Even though she has been dead for a while, the internet communities still insist on showing her videos, some even claim that she did not die, while others claim that she is probably hiding, maybe to stay away from her pimps.

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4. Some Think she was a Parody

Some people actually believe that Romina Garcia was nothing more than an internet troll whose sole purpose was to satirize the life of a spoiled girl from the valley. That would definitely reduce all her stupid ideas and groundless claims to mere jokes.

5. Romina Garcia Lacked Respect for her Fans

For someone who gained fame and popularity through her massive following on social media, Romina didn’t seem to appreciate her fans at all. Even though she says she loves her fans, her videos were interspersed with insults to her fan base. Perhaps this reinforces her philosophy that abuse means love, but one thing is clear, her entire online following was just one big abuse relationship.

6. Adult Fun

It is on record that the Internet personality has seriously considered getting into porn. Spending much of her time directing her fans in some pretty mature videos was one way to deal with what she wanted to do but couldn’t because her mother was present in social media and she was reluctant to disrespect her mother.