Totalbiscuit Wife (Bain Genna), Son, Age, Height, Cause of Death
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Totalbiscuit was a British player who made a name for himself as a game critic and commentator and was one of the best in the world. As the YouTuber he was, he was able to build a massive fan base in both social media and mainstream media until his death in 2018. Here is everything you need to know about him and his death.

Totalbiscuit Biography & Age

While many fans know the YouTuber as Totalbiscuit, The Cynical Brit, or TotalHalibut, he was born as John Peter Bain on July 8, 1984, in Spennymoor, County Durham in the United Kingdom. He grew up with a brother and sister in a very religious family. His father, Stuart Bain, was Archdeacon of Sunderland until 2018, while his mother was Angela Bain.

For his education, he attended De Montfort University. During this time he worked with Demon FM of the university as a presenter of a metal music show. When he finished his studies, he worked for a financial consulting company before he was released in 2010 after the Great Depression. Prior to that, he was responsible for a World of Warcraft radio station from 2005 to 2010. This work at the fan radio station of the popular game was one of the things that would help him later.

Totalbiscuit Wife (Bain Genna), Son, Age, Height, Cause of Death
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Shortly after he was released, he began making videos of himself commenting on World of Warcraft: Cataclysm on YouTube. It didn’t take long for him to become known for his videos, and that’s when he realized that he couldn’t use them to supplement his income, but rather to make a life for himself.

He stuck with it and was able to build a channel that had over 2 million subscribers and almost a billion views. Although he founded the channel in 2006, he really took off in 2010. Almost at the same time, he launched another channel dedicated specifically to Starcraft 2 content, Clash Royale, and real-time strategy. The second channel, TotalBiscuit Starcraft, and Strategy, soon reached over 172 thousand subscribers.

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With a very thriving channel that attracted many viewers, John Bain was given the opportunity to partner with Sony Online Entertainment at a certain point in his very interesting career.

During his career as a game commentator and YouTuber, he has won a number of awards, including the Fan’s Choice The Game Award for Trending Gamer, and the Battle Royale. He was also named runner-up in the 2012 Golden Joystick for the Greatest YouTube Gamer and nominated for the Shorty Award.

Wife (Bain Genna) and Son

In 2007 Totalbiscuit married Genna Bain, whom he had met two years earlier in California when John Bain came to cover Blizzcon 2005. Soon after they met, the two began dating, and in 2007 he decided to move to the States and marry Genna.

Genna Bain had a child from a previous relationship that John adopted and adopted as his own child, refusing to call him his stepson.

Totalbiscuit Wife (Bain Genna), Son, Age, Height, Cause of Death
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Not much is known about her private life, but it is known that she is the CEO of Cynical Brit and Axiom eSports. More than that, just like her late husband, Genna is a YouTuber. She launched her game channel in 2009, and by 2018 it had grown to nearly 20 million views and 150,000 subscribers. Before his death, John also transferred his YouTube channel and his Twitch to his wife in the hope that she would continue it after his death. This means that she now also takes care of them.

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Totalbiscuit Cause Of Death

In late 2014, John Bain announced that a precancerous mass had been discovered in his colon. By 2015, he found that the colon cancer had been eliminated, only to metastasize to his liver. TotalBiscuit was given a life expectancy of two to three years. Until then, cancer was no stranger to his family, as his two grandparents had also suffered from it.

He continued to work with this disease and underwent chemotherapy until 2018 when he announced after his hospital stay that the effectiveness of the conventional chemotherapy he was receiving was exhausted.

Genna Bain announced in social media on 24 May 2018 that her total biscuit had fallen into a hepatic coma and died.

Height and weight

TotalBiscuit had a good height and a good physique. He was said to have been 5’7″ tall. However, his body weight was not indicated.