Tom Brady Kids, Family, Sisters, And Son
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Tom Brady is one of the most famous faces in American football. Born on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the youngest child and only son of Galynn Patricia and Thomas Brady Sr. His father has Irish roots, while his mother has Polish, Swedish, and Norwegian descent. Brady and his three older sisters named Nancy, Julie, and Maureen were raised Catholic.

Tom Brady Childhood And Brief History

In the 1980s, as a child, Brady and his family often attended the San Fransisco 49ers game when they played in the city. He became a big fan of quarterback Joe Montana, whom he recently described as one of his earliest influences. Brady attended St. Gregory Elementary School and played sports such as the flag and touch football during breaks and after school.

His love of sports continued to grow until Junipero Serra High School, where he played baseball, basketball, and soccer. Brady performed very well in these sports but had more passion for football, so he was interested in becoming a professional. He became a coveted candidate and was given the chance to play like a professional soccer player at the Montreal Expos. However, he turned it down and decided to go to college at the University of Michigan instead. After college, he was selected in the 6th round by the New England Patriots in the draft of the NFL 2000. And that was the beginning of a successful NFL career.

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Tom Brady Family Sisters

As already mentioned, Brady comes from a family of four and is the youngest and only son. Brady’s older sisters, namely Maureen, Julie, and Nancy, were all accomplished athletes in their childhood in their schools.

Tom Brady Kids Family Sisters Son

Born in 1974, the eldest sister Maureen was a softball star pitcher; at the age of 17, she made the leap to the U.S. Junior Olympic Team and received a college scholarship to California State University in Fresno. Maureen, who now lives in Bakersfield, California, is a softball coach and nurse.

Her second sister Julie, born in 1975, now a teacher, was an outstanding soccer player. She later became an errand boy at St. Mary’s College in California, but later received a scholarship. Julie is married to former professional baseball player Kevin Youkilis.

Tom Brady Kids Family Sisters Son

Brady’s last sister Nancy, born in 1976, was also an exceptional softball player. She received a scholarship to Cal-Berkeley University and attended the Boston University School of Public Health, where she received a master’s degree in 2013. Nancy married Steve Bonelli in an intimate wedding in Boston in 2015.

As they grew up, the Brady siblings supported each other in their athletic careers by anticipating each other’s achievements game by game. By this time, however, the Brady sisters were more popular and on everyone’s lips, while Tom, who lived in the shadow of his sisters’ glory, was often referred to as Tommy or “little Brady. This sparked a competitive spirit in Tom to make something of his own sports career and one day become a star.

Tom Brady, 17, wrote an essay entitled “The Way My Sisters Influenced Me” which he posted on Facebook on June 23, 2016. The letter clearly reveals how Brady felt among his superstar sisters, of whom he also stated that he was very proud. Brady said he only felt recognized when he was with his sisters because people often asked him about them or talked about their achievements. Here is the concluding paragraph of Brady’s essay;

….but no matter what awards people may give me or what records I might break, the most meaningful thing to me is when I succeed in not only athletics but for life, the individuals who will always be there to support and recognize me will be my three sisters…..And hopefully just maybe, one-day people will walk up to them and say, “Aren’t you Tommy’s sister?” or “Hey where is your brother?”. Maybe…

Apparently, Tommy’s dream has come true because he’s now a three-time Super Bowl MVP and four-time Super Bowl champion. The tables have definitely turned because the whole world knows his sisters because of him.

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Tom’s Family Son Kids

Tom Brady Kids Family Sisters Son

Like his older sisters, Tom Brady has started his own family. When he wrote in his essay about becoming a star one day, we bet that he didn’t dream of being married to another star; Brady married Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen in 2009. The couple, who met on a blind date arranged by their mutual friend, began dating in 2006, shortly after Brady broke up with his previous girlfriend. Brady and Bundchen got married in two separate wedding ceremonies. The first, which was an intimate Catholic ceremony, took place on February 26, 2009, in Santa Monica, California. About two months later, the couple held another wedding ceremony in Costa Rica.

Brady and Bundchen have two children together. Their son Benjamin Rein Brady was born on December 8, 2009, and their daughter Vivian Lake Brady was born on December 5, 2012. Tom fathered a son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan with his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan. John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born on August 22, 2007, which made him Brady’s first son and child. John is fully part of the family, as Bundchen treats him just like her own child. Although his mother broke up with his father before he was born, John stays in contact with his mother and his father ensures this by bringing him regularly to his mother.

Brady’s second son Benjamin has already manifested his Brady sports genes, the young lad is interested in field hockey. It wouldn’t surprise us if his other siblings find a passion for their own sport, but we would forgive Vivian if she prefers to run on the catwalk like her supermodel mom.