Sergio Romero Wife, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Other Facts
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Argentinian professional footballer Sergio Romero will certainly go down in history as one of the nation’s most successful goalkeepers. With two World Cup appearances to his name, Romero is the most successful goalkeeper in the Argentinian national football team and has made over 90 appearances for his national team since his debut in 2009.

Romero could have been eligible for a third successive World Cup, but unfortunately, he was eliminated just weeks before the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia due to a knee injury. His exclusion from the national team seemed controversial after his wife told the media that “many people want him (Romero) out.

He joined the English Premier League team Manchester United in 2015 and was subsequently promoted to the goalkeeper of choice.

Sergio Romero Wife, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Other Facts
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Sergio Romero’s Wife

Sergio Romero is a married man and has been married since 2008. His wife is the Argentine actress and model Eliana Guercio. Romero’s wife was born on October 12, 1977, in Lanus, Argentina. She is ten years older than her husband. The couple met in 2007 and after a relationship of about six months, they married on October 16, 2008. The couple has at least two children together, including daughter Yazmin, born in 2010, and another daughter named Chloe, born in September 2012. Due to the birth of Chloe, Romero had to miss a game.

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Ms. Romero started her entertainment career in nightclubs before switching to television. She gained fame in Argentina after appearing naked on a show called Más que different. Eliana appeared on television around 2005. She appeared in the television series Casados con Hijos, Son de Fierro, and Todos contra Juan. Eliana has also appeared in a number of Argentine television shows as herself, including Bailando por un sueño, in which she appeared from 2006 to 2008. She has appeared as a guest in television series such as Susana Giménez and Los ángeles de la mañana.

Since she had children with Romero, Eliana has become less visible in the Argentinean entertainment industry. Romero’s wife was involved in a feud with Barbadian pop star Rihanna during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The feud stemmed from reports that Rihanna was allegedly keeping an eye on her husband Sergio. In response to Rihanna’s interest in her husband, Eliana said she would give Rihanna to Sergio for a week if Argentina won the World Cup. Luckily for her and unluckily for Rihanna, Argentina lost the final against Germany.

Sergio Romero Wife, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Other Facts
Image source

Before her stormy romance with Romero led to her marriage in 2008, Eliana was involved with another Sergio – Kun Sergio Aguero. Since 2006, rumors have been circulating in the Argentine media that Romero’s wife had a romance with the Manchester City striker and even slept with him. Eliana has denied the rumors over the years and claims that she has never met Kun, and despite her marriage to Romero, the rumors continue to plague her.

In 2015, Sergio Romero had to go on national television with his wife to refute the rumors that his wife never had anything to do with Aguero. He also said that he and Aguero had been friends for almost a decade.

Romero’s wife is 6 feet (1.85 m) tall and measures quite well with her towering husband.

His Body Measurements

According to ESPN, Sergio Romero stands at a height of 1.93 m due to his height and weight measurement. The goalkeeper weighs around 83 kg, which is just right for keeping fit when the post is occupied.

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Other Facts About Sergio Romero

1. Romero’s birth name is Sergio Germán Romero and he was born on 22 February 1987 in Bernardo de Irigoyen, Argentina.

2. Romero started his youth career in 1996 with Almirante Brown and started his senior career in 2006 with Racing Club.

3. His brothers gave him the nickname “Chiquito;”

Although Romero rises 1.80 m high, his brothers gave him the nickname “Chiquito”, which means “tiny”. The reason for this is that he is relatively small compared to his huge brothers. One of his brothers named Diego, who plays basketball, stands at an intimidating 2.06 m high, which corresponds to 2.06 m.

4. In 2008 Sergio Romero was part of the national team of Argentia, which won gold at the Olympic Games.

5. Romero was trained by Louis Van Gaal in two different teams;

When Van Gaal signed Romero with Manchester United in 2015 as part of a free transfer, he was fully aware of his abilities, having trained him during his years with Dutch club AZ.

6. Salary and net worth;

In 2012 during his time at Sampdoria, Sergio’s salary was put at 1.2 million euros. Although the value of his three-year contract with Manchester United was not revealed, it later turned out that Romero earned £50,000 a week. The net worth of Sergio Romero was estimated at $8 million.