Sarah Schauer Bio, Age, Affairs, Family Life And Other Important Facts
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The Internet is undoubtedly a powerful tool that has turned many young people into superstars. Social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and others have really helped Sarah Schauer make a significant impact and we can’t help but love her all the more.

Sarah is a well-known social media personality and former Viner, who has a huge fan base on the Internet. She launched her online career in October 2015 when she revived an old video from the acclaimed music group Boys Rule.

The success of the video led to the release of her first original video about Vine the following month. This video brought her so much success that she became known beyond the Internet community.

Currently, the Instagram queen is listed as one of the most influential content creators and social media specialists. She is known for regularly inspiring her fans on her site and sharing comic videos and lifestyle-centric clips with them.

Sarah Schauer Bio, Age, Affairs, Family Life And Other Important Facts
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At the time Vine closed in 2016, Schauer had over 800,000 fans on the short-form video hosting platform. Her popularity tripled after she began appearing on other social media.

Although Sarah is an up-and-coming Internet personality, she has successfully learned to deal with the trap of fame and opted for a simple lifestyle.

Learn more about the Instagram Queen, her age, relationship status, and other facts.

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Sarah Schauer Bio, Age

The social media personality was born on 5 October 1993 in Philadelphia as the son of American parents whose names have not yet been disclosed. She has an older brother and an older sister, whose identity is also not known to the public.

It is believed that Sarah Schauer grew up with her siblings in her birthplace. Like everyone else, she had a secondary school education and completed it with flying colors. Sarah continued her education at the Old Dominion University, where she was an active member of the Alpha Phi Association. Shortly after graduating from college, she began working as a social media specialist at TechArk Solutions.

Since she is a star-to-be, there is little information about Sarah’s personal life, her early life, and so on, but we believe she will reveal more about herself in the days ahead. Just wait for it!

Affairs and Family Life

After a desperate investigation, we found out that Schauer is not in an open relationship. She could possibly be single, as information about her love life is not detailed online at the moment.

Instagram was previously in a relationship with a man whose identity is not known to the public. In a post she posted on Twitter on May 16, 2016, she told her fans that her ex-boyfriend was a white boy from the suburbs and that he was about to release his mixtape.

Apart from the above information, there has never been any report about her love life, nor has she been seen with a man. The former vine personality is not married and has no children of her own. Sarah Schauer seems to be serious about taking her career to the next level and is patiently waiting for her Prince Charming, who we are all fighting over.

Sarah Schauer Bio, Age, Affairs, Family Life And Other Important Facts
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Other Important Facts You Need To Know About Her

1. Social Media

Sara Schauer is active in numerous social media, where she has a large fan base. She has over 73,000 followers on Instagram and 225,000 followers at Vine. It is thanks to her comedic clips and lifestyle-related short videos that she has come so far. Her YouTube channel has 5,000 subscribers.

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2. Net Worth

The social media personality has yet to show how much they earn with their numerous online business channels. Her daily income, monthly salary, and net worth are currently being reviewed as no information is available. However, it is assumed that she is earning a considerable amount of money with her fast-growing career.

3. Body Measurements

Schauer does not belong to the class of celebrities who have size on their side. She is not really tall, but that is not a problem, as it does not harm her young career. Details about her height, weight, and body statistics are not available at the moment, but we can assure you that she is not small.

4. Straight or Lesbian?

The Instagram Queen’s sexual orientation is heterosexual.

5. Sun Sign

Her sun sign is Libra.

6. Chris Melberger

Sarah wasn’t an island all along. She once portrayed Chris Melberger in one of her vine videos, which she called RadioStationOnABudget.

7. College

In college, she was a member of the Alpha Phi Association.