Ryan Mccartan and Dove Cameron Split, What Really Happened, Is He Dating Anyone?
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Love stories of celebrities are abundant in the entertainment landscape. Unfortunately also separations, affairs, and divorces. The love story of Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron was such that their fans absorbed every moment of their relationship like a breath of fresh air. They were considered a Disney Power couple – they met at the auditions for the Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie. Onset, Dove played the role of Maddie, and Ryan played the role of Diggie.

As the couple’s relationship deepened onset, the romance deepened offset, and their fans loved them. They officially started their relationship in 2013 and even formed a band together. The official engagement took place in April 2016, with the consent of all parties involved. However, the fairytale Disney wedding that everyone was waiting for was not to take place. The couple’s relationship broke down and six months later they separated.

But that is not all. After the breakup, things between them got even worse. A lot worse. But first, a background story on our two former lovebirds.

A little backstory on Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron

Ryan was born on 14 June 1993 in Excelsior, Minnesota. He was active in the theatre and choir of his high school. In 2007, Ryan began his career by taking on smaller roles in the stage version of the legendary Disney’s High School Musical. He was one of two recipients of the Jimmy Award at the 2011 National High School Music Theatre Awards.

Ryan Mccartan and Dove Cameron Split, What Really Happened, Is He Dating Anyone?
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He later worked with the Disney Channel for Liv and Maddie. Since the beginning of the Disney show, however, he has been involved in more projects. His filmography includes Summer F Forever (2015); The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (2016) and Freakish (2017).

Dove Cameron was born on January 15, 1996, in Seattle, Washington. Dove’s amateur acting career began when she was just eight years old. She began playing roles in community theater with Bainbridge Performing Arts. Cameron’s career was more glamorous than Ryan’s Cameron, who speaks fluent French, was already starring in Bainbridge when she made her first appearance on the Disney Channel; in 2012 she played Alanna in the original series Bits and Pieces. The series was subsequently renamed the now popular Liv and Maddie, where she played both leading roles of Liv and Maddie.

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She also starred in other popular television series and movies. She was the character Mal in the popular teenage musical fantasy television movies Descendants (2015) and Descendants 2 (2017). In 2018 she joined the cast of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Ruby Hale.

Both Ryan and Dove also starred in R.L. Stines Monsterville in 2015: Cabinet of Souls.

Their love adventure

Ryan described in a YouTube video how he got the role in the show and how he met Dove at the auditions. In the video, Ryan talked about how he first taught the role he auditioned for and how silly the show itself was. However, when he went to the auditions, his perspective changed and he decided that it was actually fun. The studio called him back to shoot a test film with Dove. Apparently, the test went well because he got the role afterward as Diggie, the love interest of one of Dove’s characters, Maddie.

One day, after a shooting session, everybody went home, and the last people there were Dove and Ryan. Ryan McCartan, who had just come through a bad break-up, felt confident and spontaneously asked Dove out on a date. Dove agreed. Both described their first date as the most enchanting date they ever had. Ryan took her out to dinner, whereupon they went for frozen yogurt. The date continued with some cider and conversation. Their next and last stop was a place in Hollywood with a 360° view of Hollywood. They talked until 3 a.m., after which Ryan took them home.

Ryan Mccartan and Dove Cameron Split, What Really Happened, Is He Dating Anyone?
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As their romance deepened, their talents and dreams began to mix naturally. Dove and Ryan, who both had a musical background, started covering songs together and posting them on their YouTube channel. They officially announced that they were now a band in 2015. They called their group The Girl and The Dreamcatcher. They subsequently released their first original song, Written In The Stars, in the form of a music video. And in July 2016 they released their debut EP Negatives. All songs of the project were written and recorded by them.

In April 2016, Ryan wrote his 1000th Instagram post. He was to announce that he had asked Dove to marry him, and she had said yes. Dove also made an Instagram post on his own account, confirming his announcement. The engagement was not planned; according to Cameron in an interview, “it just happened. But both agreed, even excited because they had always planned to end up together anyway. In interviews, they often talked about how happy they were and that they could hardly wait to walk down the aisle.

Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron Split

Before the hammer fell on their relationship, both seemed very happy. They were both working on exciting projects. Ryan McCartan worked on a set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Dove Cameron filmed Descendants 2.

Then, as suddenly as their first date and their first engagement, the couple went on Twitter in October 2016 to show their fans that they wanted to quit. This was a massive shock to everyone, as no one thought – or hoped – that the couple would not stay together forever. In their respective tweets, both tried to make it clear that they still loved each other and would remain friends. But there was something else – Ryan’s tweet read as if the breakup was Dove’s idea, while Dove emphasized in her tweet that she too was hurt.

The ensuing accusations and social media wars, What Really Happened?

Dove started to deal more with fans on her Instagram page. During this time her fans talked about Ryan in a not-so-friendly light and confirmed that she looked much happier without him. Dove’s answer was always positive. To the comment of a certain fan, she even replied that Ryan treated her terribly. Ryan did not react directly to these comments. However, he went on Twitter and posted two cryptic messages, saying that he had chosen the right way and that gossip was boring. Their fans naturally considered this a reaction to the activity on Dove’s Instagram.

Strangely enough, both were under contract during this time, as they were still shooting for Liv and Maddie. In the last episode, Maddie revealed Diggie wanted to go to New Orleans to build houses and participate in humanitarian efforts. To this unexpected revelation, Diggie responded that he was proud of her and would encourage her to chase her dreams everywhere.

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Dove then tweeted that Diggie’s answer was exactly how a loving friend should react. This was understood by the fans to mean that Dave Ryan might not have been very supportive given her booming career.

In 2017, the former love song Glowing In The Dark was used as the theme song in the ABC coverage of the unique event of the total solar eclipse. Deaf people tweeted their delight that the song was used, but called it “their” song in the tweet. As expected, her fans joined her claim and showered her with praise. Ryan also tweeted that the song was used by ABC, but in his tweet, he called it “our” song. Some fans of Dove’s tried to rebuke him, but he dispensed with them, essentially telling them to think whatever they wanted.

Is Ryan McCartan dating anyone?

Well, the two former members of the “Rove” love story have developed their love lives and careers. McCartan is dating his new lover Samantha Fekete, and the two went public in late 2017. Besides his growing acting portfolio, Ryan is not doing too badly on the musical side of things. He released three extremely successful singles in 2017 and another one in early 2018. He seems to be having the time of his life on both fronts.

What about Dove Cameron? She just keeps growing. She’s neck and neck with her co-star Descendants 2, Thomas Doherty, who she met when she was still with McCartan. He didn’t start drawing attention to Dove until shortly after their breakup. Dove’s music career is also going great. In early 2018 she announced that she had signed with Columbia Records. However, due to her numerous projects and certain contract clauses, the singer and actor will only be able to concentrate on her music after Descendants 3, which is planned for 2019.