Rena Lovelis Biography, Age, Height, Family Life and Other Facts To Know
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Rena Lovelis is an American singer and bassist who is known to be associated with Hey Violet, the Los Angeles-based pop-rock group. She comes from a family of musicians, and that should explain why she is dedicated to music and good at it.

Biography and Age of Rena Lovelis 

Rena Lovelis or Pyrena Lucrezia Morze Enea was born in New York on 6 April 1998 but grew up in Orangetown. Rena and her older sister Nia loved music and the performing arts from a very tender age, thanks to their parents, who were professional musicians in various fields at the time.

In 2008, Rena and Nia Lovelis, along with some other girls with musical talent and interest, formed “Cherri Bomb”, an all-girl hard rock music group while they were in middle school. The founding members were Julia Pierce, the lead singer, and guitarist Miranda Miller as a background singer, keyboardist, and rhythm guitarist. Then there is Nia Lovelis, who is responsible for drums, percussion, and backing vocals, and finally, Rena, who takes care of bass guitar and backing vocals.

Later they signed a lucrative contract with Hollywood Records on June 14, 2011, and it was here that they released their extended debut album Stark in October 2011. In 2013, however, the band’s frontwoman separated from them, and this led to the remaining members renaming the band “Hey Violet”, a name they still carry to this day.

Rena Lovelis Biography, Age, Height, Family Life and Other Facts To Know
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Rena became the new frontwoman of the band, as their music changed a lot. Casey Moreta, the first male member of the group, officially joined them in 2013, and it was also during this time that they left Hollywood Records. The band won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Music: Next Big Thing in 2016 after having a successful year in 2015 with the release of their first and second EP Hey Violet and Overall in July 2015. Iain Shipp joined the band as the new bass player during the 2016 world tour, bringing the number of male band members to two.

Rena has also made several movies, she was part of the line up in Wish Upon in 2017, before that we saw her in School of Rock and We Had This Band, both in 2016. As she and her band continue to make more music, it is to be expected that she will grow bigger and reach greater heights in her career.

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Family Life

Rena’s mother Ana Lovelis/Stacy Morze is a musician and actress, while her father is a touring keyboard technician and state-of-the-art studio builder. Her older sister Nia Lovelis is a drummer and musician who also performed with the band ‘Hey Violet’. Nia’s real name is Szatania Angelika Morze Enea. Her family comes from a mixture of German, Russian, Italian, and Polish descent.

From all the signs and the fact how fast she was rising in her music career, one can conclude that Rena’s family was a happy and organized family that gave her the time she needed as a young girl to refine her musical skills from childhood on. Today this good family upbringing has paid off and continues to pay off as the young woman’s musical career reaches ever greater heights.


The star musician currently stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches or 163cm. Considering that she is still a young woman, Rena Lovelis could probably add a few more inches before she becomes an adult.

Rena Lovelis Biography, Age, Height, Family Life and Other Facts To Know
Image source

Other Facts To Know About Rena Lovelis

Birth Sign: Aries

Weight: 55kg or 121 Pounds

Diet: Vegan

Pet: She has a dog named Sarabella

Hair Color: Pink while her natural hair color is Brunette

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Hairstyle: She once had 72 dreadlocks in 2012

Eye Color: Blue

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Age in Hey Violet: Rena is the youngest member of the group

First Bass Song: Boulevard of our Broken Dreams by Green Day

Favorite Movie: Her favorite movie is Saw and she has seen all episodes of it

Favorite Movie Genre: Horror and indie

Vinyl Records: It is a well-known fact that Rena loves vinyl records.

Favorite Artiste: One of her most favorite artists is Rihana.

Tattoos: Unlike her sister Nia who has about six tattoos on her body, Rena is not known to have any ink on her body, except she is planning to get one.

Instagram Feed Roll Color: Rena maintains a pink color feed roll on her Instagram account and this has been going on for a long time now. Not many people have been able to pull this off but Rena Lovelis does it effortlessly.

Fashion Sense: she is perfect when it comes to combining pieces of clothing and still look spectacular in them.