Pia Wurtzbach Biography, Husband, Height, Weight and Family Facts
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Pia Wurtzbach is a professional actress and model. She is best known for winning the Miss Universe Philippines title in 2015 and the Miss Universe crown a few months later. Because of her title, she became UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific in 2016.

Pia Wurtzbach: Biography

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was born on September 24, 1989, in Stuttgart, Germany, as the daughter of Cheryl Alonzo and Uwe Wurtzbach. She also has a sister named Sarah Alonzo Wurtbach. Her family lived in the Philippines, where Pia attended school in Kong Hua for her kindergarten and received her primary education in Corpus Christi, both in the region of Northern Mindanao. For her secondary education, she attended the ABS-CBN Distance Learning Center in Quezon City. She also studied culinary arts at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in San Juan.

When her parents separated in 1998, she became the breadwinner of the family by turning to modeling and acting.

The Filipino actress has also openly advocated gender equality, same-sex marriage, and birth control measures. She is also fluent in Filipino, English, Cebuano, and conversational German.

Pia Wurtzbach Biography, Husband, Height, Weight and Family Facts
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Pia Wurtzbach Career

She took ‘Pia Romero’ as her stage name when she started acting at the age of four. She was managed by Star Magic, the talent agency of ABS-CBN Corporation. She starred in musicals such as Your Song and ASAP. The Filipino actress has starred in films such as Lung Ago Na Lang Sana, All My Life, and All About Love.

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As an ostentatious actress, Pia Wurtzbach participated three times in the Binibining Pilipinas Pageant. In 2013 she was named first runner-up, but only made it into the top 15 the following year (2014), and the fact that she did not go home with the crown caused a controversy. The fact that she did not go home with the crown caused controversy. In 2015 she went home with the crown. She was named Miss Universe Philippines and entered the Miss Universe beauty pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada that same year. After satisfying the jury with her answers, she won the Miss Universe title-although the host, Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner. In one of the most controversial moments on the Miss Universe stage, the crown was retrieved by Ariadna Gutierrez and returned to Pia Wurtzbach.

This victory took Pia to Indonesia, Canada, Ecuador, the Cayman Islands, Panama, Singapore, and various cities in the United States. She has also served as a judge in beauty contests such as Miss Peru 2016 and Miss Universe 2017. She also appeared as a guest juror in several episodes of Asia’s Top Next Model.


Pia Wurtzbach Biography, Husband, Height, Weight and Family Facts
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Pia Wurtzbach is not yet married. Instead, she is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Marlon Stockinger, a race car driver. The duo met on Instagram and decided to get to know each other. Pia revealed that she sees Marlon as someone with whom she can have a future. Marlon has written his name into the history books as the first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe, and he also has other championships to his name. The couple seems to enjoy the moment together, and Marlon believes that this is the most important thing.

Height & Weight

The beauty queen, Pia Wurtzbach, is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 54 kg. In view of her career, the actress and model strive to maintain her famous slim and slender physique.

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Family Facts

The Wurtzbach family first lived in Stuttgart, Germany, but shortly after Pia’s birth they moved to the Philippines and stayed in the city of Cagayan de Oro. Pia is fluent in several languages, as her German father and Filipino mother insist that she is rooted in both cultures.

In 2017 Pia’s mother spoke openly about the death of her ex-husband Uwe Wurtzbach, who died in Palawan in 2013. Although they were separated, Cheryl Alonzo admitted that they shared a unique bond.

It is suggested, however, that Pia did not have a rosy relationship with her father towards the end of her life. She was accused by a woman who claimed to have had a child for Uwe Wurtzbach, Alexander, of neglecting him when he needed her. Pia Wurtzbach chose the right path and did not react to these accusations.