Nick Foles Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Biography, Family
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Nick Foles is an American football player who plays as quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Recently, the NFL star has been in the headlines not only because of Super Bowl LII but also because of many other things about him, including his future.

Here you will find everything you need to know about Foles:

Nick Foles Biography

On January 20, 1989, Nick Foles was born in Austin, Texas, as Nicholas Edward Foles. It was also in Texas, where the man was raised with his brother Marcus by their parents, Larry and Melissa Foles. His father owns a restaurant, which he founded after high school dropped out.

Throughout his childhood and youth, Nick has always loved and played football as such – it is no surprise that it has become a part of his life. However, he also always wanted to become a pastor.

Nick Foles Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Biography, Family
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For his education, Foles attended Westlake High School, which he graduated from in 2007. He then attended the University of Arizona, where he earned a degree in Communications.

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Career Summary

Foles began his career with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012 after signing a 4-year contract that would keep him on until 2016. The year was a mixed year for him, but 2013 came with so much for him that it ended as his best year yet, even though he was diagnosed with a concussion in the same year. In the game against the Green Bay Packers, Foles made history after scoring over 149 points in consecutive weeks. He was the first in the NFL to do so.

In the same year, he managed to beat Tom Brady and set a new TD-INT ratio record in NFL history. He went home with a passer rating of 119.0, which was just below the 121.1 ratings of Peyton Manning in 2004 and the 122.5 ratings of Aaron Rodgers in 2011. To round out this great year, he was honored with the “NFL Greatness on the Road” and “Pro Bowl Offensive MVP” awards.

2014 wasn’t all that bad for him, but in 2015 he switched to the St. Louis Rams to go to 2016 before moving to the Kansas City Chiefs that same year. In 2017 he left as a freelancer. After that Nick Foles made his historic second coming to the Philadelphia Eagles. Ironically, he joined the Philadelphia Eagles as a substitute quarterback.

Nick Foles Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Biography, Family
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After an injury to Carson Wentz, Foles was given the opportunity to lead the Eagles, and he was able to do so. On the team’s way to the Super Bowl, he helped the team win its first win in nine seasons by defeating the Atlanta Falcons after playing 23 of 30 passes over 246 yards. He also played a significant role in the Eagles’ defeat of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC championship match.

Although he grew up with football, Nick revealed that he has lost his love for the game because, unlike before, he does not wake up and does not want to play as much as he used to. That was after he left the Rams. But then he found his way back to the game when he joined the Kansas City Chiefs.

After leading the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII and after his life in football in general, Nick Foles still has the hope to realize his life’s dream of becoming a preacher. He revealed that he was allowed to enroll in a seminary in 2017 and he hopes to continue.

Nick Foles Wife and Family

Since he comes from a very happy family, Foles was also able to build a very happy family with his wife, Tori Moore. The two married in 2014 after having been together since their joint studies at the University of Arizona. What they had in common, besides their strong admiration for each other, was their love for sports, because while he played soccer, Tori was interested in volleyball.

Nick Foles Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Biography, Family
Image source

Before becoming lovers, Nick and Tori were first friends in school, and after college, they decided to keep things going until they got married in April 2014.

On June 16, 2017, the couple witnessed the birth of their first child, Lily James Foles. Lily and Tori were the motivation for Nick, who wanted to make them proud, as he revealed.

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Nick Foles Salary and Net Worth

The Eagles’ trip to the Super Bowl was very significant for Nick and did not go entirely smoothly. However, when it comes to what he was able to achieve in the name of the game, he has achieved quite a lot. Just as he made his contribution.

After the 2-year contract, which he signed in 2017, Foles will go home with a basic salary of 4 million dollars. But if you add it all up, the man could go home with at least $11 million in 2018. His guaranteed salary is $7 million for the year.

If you look at everything else, the net worth of Nick Foles is estimated at $17 million. There are other sources that indicate that the Philadelphia Eagles’ number 9 jersey man could earn more or less.

Height and Body Measurement

Nick is obviously a well-built and athletic man. He has a physique that has enabled him to be successful as a football player. Here are his body measurements:

Height: 6′ 6″

Weight: 243 lbs