Notable Facts About Michel Stern – Lisa Kudrow’s Husband
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Advertising, which is the art of suggesting to society what is good for them from a variety of options, can be difficult because people tend to have their preferences for one reason or another. The consumer market is a rough ride and as an advertiser, you need to have the skills to get people to buy the products you offer in droves. Michel Stern has proven to be very successful over the years as companies with millions and billions of dollars in sales have relied on him to do business.

But while Stern has been able to hold his own in his profession, the advertising expert owes his popularity to the husband of Hollywood love Lisa Kudrow, popularly known as Phoebe Buffay for her role in the sitcom Friends. Learn more about Stern’s life, including how he won the heart of the award-winning actress and comedian.

Michel Stern At A Glance

What We Know About Michel Stern’s Origins and Work

Michel Stern is one of those people who do not know much about their early years. The man is so mysterious that everything that is known about him in public is just a tidbit of what his very popular wife has revealed.

Michel Stern Wiki, Bio, Son, Relationship With Lisa Kudrow, Wife, Kids
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It is known that Stern was born in France in 1958. He spent his entire childhood and youth in the European country before moving to the USA to pursue a career in advertising. It is said that he first struggled to make it in the advertising industry before he later established himself very successfully there and rose to the level of an executive. But despite the success he had achieved, Stern held back relatively and simply went about his business. Only when his path crossed with Lisa Kudrow did the public begin to take an interest in who he was and what he did for a living.

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How He Met Lisa Kudrow

Michel Stern and his wife Lisa Kudrow have a rather interesting love story unless you are Lisa’s roommate, with whom Stern is said to have been together at the time he first met his future wife.

The two met in the late 1980s through the nameless roommate. The up-and-coming actress at the time, who allegedly spoke a little French and had an affinity for people from France, was attracted to the Frenchman, who also enjoyed his brief exchange with his girlfriend’s roommate. After that nothing more happened between the two of them, because Stern would later break up with his girlfriend and not get in contact with Lisa anymore.

However, as faith would have it, the paths of the two would cross again a few years later, where they managed to form a friendship that would lead them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Interesting Details About Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow’s Marriage

Lisa Kudrow entered into the covenant with her husband on May 27, 1995, in Malibu, California. This happened around the time when she became famous through the role of Phoebe in Friends (1994-2004), who has since been recognized as one of the greatest female characters in American television.

Michel Stern Wiki, Bio, Son, Relationship With Lisa Kudrow, Wife, Kids
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Michel Stern was 37 years old when he married 31-year-old Kudrow. A few years after taking their wedding vows, the couple welcomed a child into the world. Lisa gave birth to a son named Julian Murray Stern on May 7, 1998. She did not have to spend so much time on the TV show, as her pregnancy was written into the show, which was in season four at that time. Her character helped her younger half-brother and his wife by agreeing to become a surrogate mother. She was said to be expecting triplets.

While Lisa was going through all this, Stern was very supportive, although he still kept out of the spotlight. Since then, the couple has grown closer and has set an example for other couples in Hollywood as they have been together for over two decades.

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His Son Wanted to Be an Only Child and has Chosen to Follow in His Footsteps

During his childhood, Michel Stern’s son Julian is said to have expressed the wish not to have brothers and sisters. He is said to have always told his parents that he did not want to have a brother or sister if they met other children. As it turned out, he remained an only child and was a favorite of his parents.

The young man, of whom many said that he bore a striking resemblance to the actor David Schwimmer, a friend of his, also decided not to pursue a career as an actor. Instead, Julian decided to spend time with his father to learn more about the advertising industry, and at one point, he served him as an assistant.