Kevin Quinn Bio, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, Siblings, Family, Height
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Kevin Quinn is an aspiring American actor who became popular through his appearance on the original Disney Channel series Bunk’d, where he played the role of Xander, a popular consultant and resident musician who is the head of Cabin Grizzly. His supporting role in the Disney Channel original series 2016 Original Movie Adventures in Babysitting, also contributed to his popularity to date.

Kevin Quinn Bio, Age

He was born Kevin Gerard Quinn in Chicago on May 21, 1997, as the son of Brian Quinn, a senior advertising executive, and Tamara Quinn, the founder of Pulling Down the Moon, Inc. He was born as a twin and has a twin sister.

Kevin Quinn spent most of his childhood playing house league baseball and wanted to make a career in this game as he is very good at it for his age and is also quite popular with the seniors.

However, he developed a strong inclination towards the performing arts in his youth, so he put basketball aside to concentrate fully on improving his acting and singing skills while participating in competitions at the school level.

Kevin Quinn Bio, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, Siblings, Family, Height
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Kevin’s Stint on American Idol

Kevin’s love of the performing arts led him to become one of the candidates for the 12th season of American Idol in 2013, and his amazing talent effortlessly won the hearts of audiences and judges alike, with most guest judges praising his voice and predicting that he would one day be a big star.

During auditions, Kevin Quinn performed five times in front of executive producers and prominent judges, including Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson.

Although he did not emerge as the winner, he was one of the youngest candidates to make it as a finalist in the Hollywood group round. In the end, he was among the 60 best male voices in the country this season of the popular reality show.

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Kevin Quinn’s Theater and TV Appearances

Later that year Kevin shifted his attention to acting and joined some theater groups which appeared in different plays. He got the role of Johnny in the production of Lord of the Flies at the Steppenwolf Theatre under the direction of Halena Kays and then turned to some classical works at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre where he played the boy in Henry V under the direction of Christopher Luscombe. wrote about the performance of Henry V: “There were some fresh faces who did exquisite work here. Among them was Kevin Quinn, who skilfully played the boy as a servant of Henry’s army commanders. Quinn, who is a junior at New Trier High School, was charismatic, witty and quite eloquent. His enthusiasm lifted his scenes. Kevin Quinn demonstrated a skill that went far beyond his years. He has a bright future.”

Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune also wrote about the same play: “The language – which is also influenced by such great players as David Lively, Patrick Clear and the very promising young Kevin Quinn (who plays the boy) – is crystal clear.

This up-and-coming talent graduated from New Trier Township High School a semester early and moved to Los Angeles soon after to pursue a career in acting.

He began his professional career by appearing in episodes of Showtime’s Shameless and in episode 202 of NBC/Universal’s Chicago P.D., where he played the role of Nate Hansen, a 17-year-old boy in the midst of difficult decisions to save his family. In the DePaul University film titled “Screens,” Kevin Quinn also played Tommy, a TV-fueled character with an unhealthy obsession with adult websites and technology.

Kevin eventually made his feature film debut in the independent film Kids and Ghosts, released in 2015. He played the role of Rex, a know-it-all who met a sad fate when he woke up the evil spirits in a haunted house.

Kevin Quinn Bio, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, Siblings, Family, Height
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This young man is not only an amazing actor, but he is also a very good singer with extensive choral experience. He is associated with two hoods, namely the school choirs of New Trier High School, which include the “Swing Choir” and the “Choir Opera (a group based on musical theatre)”. Kevin was also part of the “VX-Voice Ensemble”, a studio recording group in the Midwest, led by Emmy Award winner Gary Fry.

Kevin Quinn is not only an actor and singer but also a social activist who volunteers at the Enriching Lives through Service Club, a social group dedicated to the well-being of children with special needs and autistic children.

In his spare time, you might see Kevin playing frisbee with his best friend and twin sister Courtney Quinn in his garden.

Is Kevin Quinn Dating? Girlfriend

There is no doubt that Kevin Quinn is good-looking, cool, and calculated, and has not done badly in his acting career so far. So it won’t be big news if he is in a serious relationship with someone who is the kind of man every girl wants to go out with.

Surprisingly, however, he is probably still very well available on the market, because he hasn’t given any hint of a relationship with anyone yet.

In an interview with a social video magazine called WHOSAY last year, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Kevin actually revealed that he has not yet established a relationship with anyone.

Kevin Quinn’s Siblings, Family, Height

Kevin is a family man and has a wonderful connection to his parents and his twin sister. He even writes regular posts to his Instagram and Twitter accounts to showcase his happy moments with his family.

In December 2016, Kevin went to Twitter to share one of his memories, where he dressed completely in his father’s outfit to look like him.

“I stole my father’s clothes one day in the year 2000. You could say I’ve been acting since I was 3 years old… even if it means acting like a fool!

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On his birthday, he had also dedicated an article to his father, in which he comically called him a non-active social media user. “Happy birthday to my wonderful, loving father. If you had a Twitter, I’d tag you, but you don’t. Happy birthday though pops,” he wrote.

In his last post, he also mentioned the funny moments with his mother that he shared on Instagram at the end of May. Kevin is also very close to his twin sister, and one of his Twitter posts explains it all. “I can lean on her. Always,” he wrote when he shared a picture of the two of them.

Kevin Quinn’s Height

This obviously handsome young man is 1.78 m tall, weighs 155 pounds, has brown hair and a beautiful pair of blue eyes.

His net worth is estimated at $300,000.