Nicole Da Silva Partner, Gay, Husband, Tattoo, Boyfriend, Dating
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Nicole da Silva is an Australian actress who shot most of the steaming scenes for the Foxtel hit drama Wentworth, in which she played the role of Franky Doyle. She was also Senior Constable Stella Dagostino in the AFI award-winning drama Rush by Southern Star.

Nicole Da Silva Bio, Career

Nicole da Silva was born on 18 September 1981 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Her family is originally from Portugal; Nicole speaks a little Portuguese. She began studying art (communication) at the University of NSW before dropping out of dramatic arts at the University of Western.

Her rise to fame began with her role in the television drama series Wentworth in SoHo, where she played the role of Franky Doyle, a character originally played by Carol Burns, a hardcore lesbian inmate at Wentworth Correctional Facility, who fought for the position of the top dog against her fellow inmate Bea Smith, played by Danielle Cormack.

In addition to her success at Wentworth, Nicole was also celebrated for her performance on another television show Doctor, Doctor, and she has also started to shoot some film roles.

Nicole Da Silva Partner, Gay, Husband, Tattoo, Boyfriend, Dating
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She also played the role of Chief Constable Stella Dagostino in Southern Star’s AFI award-winning drama Rush, for which she was critically acclaimed during the series’ four-year run.

Nicole was also nominated for Best Actress at the Monte Carlo Television Awards for her role as Lisa Testro in Carla Cametti PD and received a nomination for the Graham Kennedy Logie Award for Most Outstanding New Talent for her role as E.C. in Dangerous.

Her other television films include Doctor Doctor, East-West 101, and All Saints.

In 2014 she was announced as the first National Champion of UN Women in Australia for her commitment to women’s empowerment and gender equality at events across the country.

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Nicole Da Silva Husband, Boyfriend, Dating

At the moment, the sizzling actress seems more concerned with building her career, as there are no details about her marriage, her husband, that have ever been divorced.

However, she was once linked to her co-actor Joshua Bitton in a dating rumor that was never confirmed and later drowned for lack of evidence.

Is She Gay? Partner

The role of a gay character in Wentworth has led many to wonder if Nicole is really gay, but although she speaks out against the lesbian stereotype, she has not really emerged as a member of the LGBT community.

Therefore, the only gay partner we know of is one who has seen the TV game series, Wentworth

In an interview with Star Observer in 2016, Nicole spoke out for the LGBT community and the need for Australian television and film productions to showcase the LGBT community’s relationships, she said:

Nicole Da Silva Partner, Gay, Husband, Tattoo, Boyfriend, Dating
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“For the most part, the LGBT community is proud and open to having one lesbian relationship – or more than one lesbian relationship – portrayed on screen because there are so few and far between.

I think it’s really important, not only for Australian television but for the theatre and film and television everywhere, to have these people and these relationships on screen. It’s part of our tapestry, part of our community, and we have to tell these stories”.

Her Tattoos…

One of the many things about being the lead in Wentworth is that Nicole gets tattoos.

She said she even had a disclaimer on her CV and on the showreel to emphasize that the tattoos she gets on the Wentworth TV series are all fake.

“I know that after shooting the first season I felt kind of naked without them,” Da Silva said.

“I’m in doubt about that, because as an actor it’s limiting when you have too much ink as a tattoo, and you spend too much time in the chair covering it, so I still have some.

“I have affixed a waiver to my showreels to say they are not real.”

In another interview she said: They’re like a more sophisticated sticker tattoo like you get in two-dollar stores.

When she spoke about how the “fake” tattoos changed her perception of tattoos, she said:

“It was funny, I never really got into tattoo psychology. I appreciated the artwork but thought I would probably never get one, but when Franky, covered with tattoos, something shifted, and I completely understood it and why you want that kind of artwork on your body.

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About how people perceive her with the tattoos on her, she said:

“There was a café I used to visit in Melbourne and they were super friendly and warm, and one weekend I went in there with my tattoos (from the show) and suddenly it was a little more reserved.

“They were a bit more attentive and probably felt that I was much tougher than I am.

Nicole Da Silva’s Net Worth and Body Measurement

The gorgeous actress is medium-sized, 1.70 m tall and weighs 54 kg. She has light brown hair and beautiful sea-blue eyes.

Nicole da Silva has earned a considerable amount of money through her acting career and other efforts, which puts her net worth at $2 million.