Mike O’Hearn Biography, Wife, Height, Age, Weight, Family
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The American fitness icon, model, bodybuilder, and actor Mike O’Hearn is said to have been strongly influenced to continue his career by his father, who was also inclined to sports. As a teenager, Mike was already involved in powerlifting and bodybuilding, and during this time he earned the title “Teenage Washington State Bodybuilding”. He is also multiple winners of the Mr. Natural Universe title, California strength lifting champion, and men’s fitness model of the year.

O’Hearn is known for playing the role of Gladiator Titan on the television show American Gladiator, and he has earned roles in several other television shows and movies.

Mike O’Hearn Biography, Age

The American actor, bodybuilder, and personal trainer Mike O’hearn were born on January 26, 1969, in Kirkland, Washington. He has American citizenship and belongs to the white ethnic group. At the age of fourteen, he won the Teenage Washington State Building competition. He claimed the Mr. Universe title four times in a row. He is also a four-time winner of the California Powerlifting Championship and was named California Judo Champion.

Mike O’Hearn – Biography, Wife, Height, Age, Weight, Family
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O’Hearn has appeared on more than 500 covers for such high-profile magazines as Muscle Magazine International, REPS, Iron Man Magazine, and TOPAZ novels. In addition to all his successes, Mike has won the Fitness Model of the Year for seven consecutive years. He began his professional acting career when he starred in the movie Barbarian, Keeper of Time, and is known to have played the supporting role in the movie Death Becomes Her. He also starred in the movie American Gladiator, where he played the role of the Titan.

The talented bodybuilder and actor is also a popular face on TV shows such as Knight Rider, Days of our Life, and Celebrity Family Feud. He also starred in the television show Battle Dome, where he played the role of Michael O’Dell for two years. Mike was also featured in Epic Rap Battle of History, a YouTube web series in which he played the role of the Hulk in 2016.

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Mike O’Hearn Net Worth

Mike has achieved groundbreaking success in his career by accumulating wealth through his profession. Although not all details of his salary are yet known, he has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Family, Wife

The iconic bodybuilder grew up in Kirkland, Washington, alongside his nine siblings. His father was a professional soccer player and bodybuilder, while his mother was a talented artist. Mike O’Hearn is said to have three older brothers, four older sisters, and one younger sister, making him the eighth child of his parents’ nine children.

His brothers were all involved in bodybuilding and weight training, and as the youngest boy in the clan, he was bullied by them. Later, Mike began training and striving for fitness, which later became a career for him.

Mike O’Hearn – Biography, Wife, Height, Age, Weight, Family
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As for his married life, Mike married Midajah O’Hearn, a professional personal trainer and former valet in wrestling, best known for her participation in the World Wrestling Championship, but the marriage did not last long as the couple separated after several years of marriage.

Although he is currently not married, there are sources that he is in a romantic relationship with Mona Muresan, a well-known athlete, and bodybuilder. Mona is also the founder of the popular Nebraska Steakhouse & Lounge in New York City, United States.

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Height, Weight and Other Facts

From his physical appearance, you can tell that Mike O’Hearn has a well-built athletic physique. He also comes with a gigantic height of 6 feet 3 inches and a bodyweight of 247 lb or 115.7 kg.

Mike is known for his hard work pushing his body beyond its limits and is credited with maintaining regular exercise and a balanced diet that keeps him fit.

It is worth knowing that the American actor is a lover of pets and he has two pet dogs named Bunny and Teddy.

The trainer likes to travel, cook, and do sports that are connected with adventures. He also owns a luxury car and enjoys exorbitant vacations.

Mike is also the founder of a bodybuilding agency called “Power Bodybuilding”, which aims to promote and develop hypertrophy and aesthetics.