Miguel Cabrera Wife, Family, Age, Height, Weight, Body Stats
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Miguel Cabrera has come a very long way in his career in Major League Baseball (MLB), after making his debut in 2003 and becoming one of the most dangerous players this game has ever seen. Not only has he won many individual awards, but he is also a world champion in the baseball world championship. Apart from his life as a baseball player, he has done and achieved a lot in his personal life. Here you can find out everything about him.

Miguel Cabrera Bio And Age

The star of the Detroit Tigers was born José Miguel Cabrera Torres on April 18, 1983, in the Venezuelan city of Maracay. He grew up in his native country and even as a teenager it was clear that he would become as great a player as he is today.

Miguel, also known as Miggy, was raised in the La Pedrera district of Maracay alongside his sister, Ruth Cabrera Torres, by her parents, who were no strangers to baseball as they played a bit of it at a young age. So it was easy for them to encourage him to play more, and there were also his uncles Jose Torres and David Torres who were there to coach him.

Miguel Cabrera Wife, Family, Age, Height, Weight, Body Stats
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Eventually, Miggy became one of the most sought-after baseball players in all of South America. This contributed to his being signed as a Free Agent by the Marlins in 1999. He stayed in the Minor League before moving up to the MLB in 2003 to play for the Florida Marlins. In 2008 he switched to the Detroit Tigers in a trade. He stayed with that team until 2014 when he signed a $248 million contract extension that would have allowed him to stay until 2022 or even longer.

He is considered one of the best hitters of his generation in the MLB and beyond, having won the World Series and 2 league championship titles. Miguel has also won eleven MLB All-Star Teams and four Tiger of the Year as well as seven Silver Slugger Awards, five Luis Aparicio Awards, and two Hank Aaron Awards.

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Wife And Family

Miguel Cabrera came from a family with a passion for athletics in general and baseball in particular. This is because not only were his parents involved in the sport, but his uncle David Torres also played for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cabrera is married to Rosangel Cabrera since 2002. Although the two are still together, their marriage has not been as smooth as silk. This is because after he married another woman, Belkis Rodriguez, he was involved with her.

The relationship between Miguel and the mistress was so serious that she forced Rosangel Cabrera to file for divorce from her husband, who was more than 15 years old, in 2017 after it turned out that Miggy had already had two children with Rodriguez. Once the relationship was established, he is said to have helped her pay for a villa worth $1 million, while spending $10,000 on birthday parties and Disney Cruise. The baseball player also paid $15,000 a month in alimony for his two children with his mistress.

To save his marriage, Cabrera and his wife agreed to sever all ties with Belkis Rodriguez. For this reason, he decided to change his number and stop paying alimony for the children, who were 5 and 2 years old in February 2018.

Miguel Cabrera Wife, Family, Age, Height, Weight, Body Stats
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Rodriguez then dragged him to court and demanded that he pay her $20,000 a month in alimony, which she said he had always paid her. It was later revealed, however, that given the fact that he earned $30 million a year, she wanted $100,000.

Unfortunately for Belkis, who was furious that Cabrera would not leave Rosangel Cabrera for her, the court ordered him to pay $12,000 alimony for the children, while at the same time financing their education and other things.

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Apart from the two children he has with Rodriquez, Miguel has three children with his wife: Christopher Alexander Cabrera, Isabella Cabrera, and Rosangel Cabrera.

Height, Weight, Body Stats

If there are things that can be taken away from Miguel Cabrera, his power, which has distinguished him as a hitter, is definitely not one. He’s a man who’s a good size and a pretty big build, although he’s lost a few pounds in the past. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and his body weight is 240 pounds.