Meta Golding Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Other Facts
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Meta Golding is a woman with many talents. She was born in India, grew up in more than a few countries, and speaks more than three languages. Over the years she has become known as an actress who has appeared in Hunger Games, Criminal Minds, CSI, and Tomorrow People. In addition to acting, she was once a figure skater.

Golding began her career as an actress in 1995 when she appeared in the film and television series Conversations and Loving respectively. Since then, she has appeared in many other productions and has had nearly 50 appearances in her resume.

Meta Golding – Biography

Meta Golding was born in India on November 2, 1971, the son of an American father and a Haitian mother. Her parents met when her father, who ran an aid organization based in India, met in Haiti. At that time he was working in Haiti.

Meta Golding – Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Other Facts
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After their parents got married, they moved back to India. Contrary to much speculation that she was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she revealed that she was actually born in India after her parents moved there. Considering that her father also worked for the United Nations, she grew up in various parts of the world, including the United States, Haiti, India, Italy, and France.

As a child growing up in Italy, she discovered her love for figure skating, a sport that was not so popular in the country. Nevertheless, she surpassed it as a national figure skater even up to a competitive level. Although Meta Golding trained in this sport for many years of her life, her career in this sport ended after an injury.

Next, Meta Golding turned to act. She became a permanent face in the Italian theater, where she started acting. Soon after, she returned to the States, where she earned a degree in theater arts and international relations from Cornell University.

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Movies and TV Shows

As for her career as an actress, she has done a lot over the years since she appeared in the films Conversations and Quiet Days in Hollywood in 1995. In 1997 she appeared in Kiss the Girls and then in Louis & Frank in 1998. Next, Meta Golding appeared in On Edge (2001), Brace Face Brandi (2002), Date or Disaster (2003), and Surrogates (2009). Some other films are still in progress, but her most popular appearances came in 2013 when she appeared in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 in 2015 as Enobaria. She also appeared in Hinter der Bewegung (2018) as Rosa.

She has also had a good career on television so far. Since her appearance in Loving (1995) she has also appeared in other series, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2001), Jag (2005), Day Break 2006 to 2007), Criminal Minds (2008 to 2009), and Dark Blue (2009 to 2010). Most recently she was in Colony (2017) and Empire (2018). Others include television films such as Midnight Blue (2000) and Iris Expanding (2010), which were named after her.

Meta Golding – Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Other Facts
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Other Facts

1. She is multilingual: considering that she has traveled to many continents and countries around the world, including Senegal in Africa, it is not surprising that she is good with many languages. Besides English, the actress speaks Creole, French and Italian.

2. She is also a great cook: As I said, Meta Golding is a woman with many skills. She also knows how to cook many delicacies. Because she is so good, she even had a catering company once. But that was when she was still an actress in trouble. She decided that instead of working as a waitress, she might as well work as a caterer for a friend who was also an actress in trouble.

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3. Marital status and children: A very beautiful woman who has both grace and style, Meta Golding is a woman who can easily direct every glance in her direction. However, she is still not married. Even more, she has no children. She has understood very well to keep her private life completely out of the public eye. For this reason, nothing is known about her past relationships, nor is it known whether she is currently in a relationship.

4. She is involved in humanitarian work:  The role she plays as a workhorse in the acting scene is already known. What is not known is that she is very involved in civilian work in Haiti, where she has helped build schools and provide houses, among other things.

5. Height: A beauty to be seen Golding is not the biggest woman that exists. She is only 5 feet and 5 inches tall.