Meika Woollard Bio And Everything You Need To Know About The Model
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Meika Woollard is not one of those children who were born with fashion icons around them or had famous people as parents. The beautiful young lady has literally worked her way to the top through hard work and relentless dedication to the career she loves so much.

When Woollard is not in front of the camera, promoting high profile brands, she is somewhere portraying a fictional character as an actress. There’s no doubt that the star is too young to be able to handle the fame that hangs around him, but we can no longer agree that she deserves the popularity and money that she earns with her fast-rising career.

Many people think that Meika is enormously overrated. Well, that’s not bad, but to be honest, the always impressive model enjoys respect in both the modeling and film industry, and that explains why she has a strong fan base.

For more interesting information about Woollard, please read on to find them all.

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Meika Woollard Bio And Everything You Need To Know About The Model
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Meika Woollard Bio

The model was born by Andrea Woollard (mother) and John Woollard (father) on April 21, 2004, in Victoria, Australia. She was raised in Victoria by John and Andrea, who are also the parents of Meika’s younger sisters River Woollard and Indi Woollard.

As an aspiring star and someone who is still very young, there is little information about the model’s personal life. According to online information, the young model did not attend public school because she was taught by her parents at home.

Everything You Need To Know About The Model

1. Career/Rise to Fame

Meika Woollard’s modeling career began when she was just three years old. Her rise in the industry gave her the platform to appear four times on the South Yarra billboard. After an impressive outing, she appeared in the Kids Fashion Weeks, whereupon she was put in the spotlight.

As part of her modeling career, she has worked for high profile fashion companies in Australia such as Witchery and Bardot JR, Myer, and many others. The Victoria-born star has starred in several films and television series in which she also excelled.

2. Her Siblings

It can be said with great certainty that beauty runs in the Woollards family. According to online reports, Meika’s younger siblings are also interested in modeling. We don’t know exactly how long they have been in the modeling business, but we are sure that they are as good at it as their older sister. Besides modeling, Indi is a talented gymnast, while River, the youngest, is amazing in herself.

3. Sun Sign

The birth sign of Meika is bull. That’s because her date of birth is April 21st.

4. Relationship status

Woollard is not currently in an open relationship. The fast-rising teenager model is still very young to be in a relationship with a man. Nevertheless, we are sure that one day she will meet her Prince Charming at the right time.

5. Sexual Orientation

The young actress is neither one of those women who feel uncomfortable in their own bodies, nor does she show any interest in people of her own sex. Meika’s sexual preference is heterosexual, and her fans love her in this way.

6. Family Life

The young star is not married and has never been married. Furthermore, she has not given birth to a child(ren) in the past. She still has many years ahead of her, and at the moment she is not even thinking about marriage.

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Meika Woollard Bio And Everything You Need To Know About The Model
Image source

7. Nationality/Ethnicity

Meika is of white ethnic origin, while her nationality is Australian.

8. Net Worth

Woollard’s short time in the spotlight was very impressive. From her work in the modeling industry to her involvement in the film industry, the young star has never disappointed her fans and family. She literally knows how to find her way to the top of show business.

From her rapidly growing career, she has successfully built up a net worth estimated at 350,000 to 500,000 dollars. As she continues to impress on the catwalk and on the film set, we are pretty sure that she will double these figures in the near future.

9. Body Measurement

If there is one thing that makes Woollard stand out within the showbiz community, it is her shapely physique. As a model and as an actress, she has the right body for both professions, and that explains why she is in great demand.

Meika Woollard stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 42 kilograms (92 pounds). Her body measurements are chest – 32: waist -24: hip -32 inches, while her hair and eyes are brown and blue respectively.

10. Social Media Presence

Woollard is not only popular on the big screen and catwalk, but she is also a household name on various social media. She is active on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram, where she is highly appreciated by her fans.