Martinez Twins Bio, How Old Are They Now And What Are They Up To?
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Since the Martinez twins came into the limelight, information about their private lives has always been of great interest to the public. From their height, weight, age, the family background to where they are now, virtually everyone wants to know more about these fast-rising beauties.

As much as we all know that the brothers are not the only Internet twins of our time, many believe that they are highly sought after on YouTube for their rare creativity and other activities.

I suspect you also want to know more about the sensations in social media. Let’s get to know them.

Biography Of The Martinez Twins

Ivan and Emilio Martinez were born in Catalonia (Spain) on 10 May 1999. The brothers are Spanish of Spanish nationality and belong to the Hispanic ethnic group.

Martinez Twins Bio, How Old Are They Now And What Are They Up To?
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The names of their parents are not publicly known, but they have an older sister named Rebecca Martinez. The Martinez twins are said to have been born into a wealthy family, but their father left them without money when they were 15, which led to their mother raising them alone.

As for their education, Ivan and Emilio are believed to have completed their primary and secondary schooling. At the moment the name of the secondary school they attended is not known, but we can confirm that the school is in Spain.

The duo’s only sister, Rebeca Martinez, is a tennis player and also a famous figure in the social media field. She was born in Spain on August 16, 1995, and has a huge fan base on her Instagram account – rbcamartinez.

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How Old Are They Now?

By May 2018, the Martinez twins will be nineteen years older. As their official website would have us believe, Emilio is five minutes older than Ivan. As identical twins, it’s very difficult to distinguish the YouTubers, but the only way to identify them is that Ivan has a smaller chin, while Emilio has freckles (a small patch of light brown color on his skin) and a bigger chin.


The Martinez twins began their online career in January 2016, when they launched their channel “Martinez Twins” together with their friend Ruben Beasley, who is also an Instagram personality.

After the duo’s channel gained immense popularity, it began to flourish with an overwhelming number of subscribers. Their videos are primarily about funny topics and crazy challenges and usually receive a significant number of hits from online users.

Martinez Twins Bio, How Old Are They Now And What Are They Up To?
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Apart from YouTube, the twins are also popular on the lip-syncing app, where they have 370,000 fans on their shared account called “blond twins”.

The charming twins were also part of the popular group “Team 10”. They joined the group in November 2017 with the intention of moving to Hollywood, but things didn’t go as planned when they left the group in November 2017 because they were harassed by the leader of the team, Jake Paul. After their departure, Jake Paul apologized for being an abusive leader and for harassing them while they were at Team 10’s home in Los Angeles.

According to the twins, they were repeatedly ridiculed by Jake and other members of the team for not being able to speak or understand much English at the time.

Currently, the online accounts of the international digital stars have over 20 million hits per month with 6.8 million followers and fans on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Martinez Twins Bio, How Old Are They Now And What Are They Up To?
Image source

What Are They Up To?

After a failed attempt to take over Hollywood, the Martinez twins are still picking up the pieces of their shattered dream. After their deportation from the United States, they must come up with something massive. The brothers seem to be working on something that we believe will be revealed at the right time.

Sometime in January 2018, Ivan indicated on his Twitter account that they might be doing a Martinez tour soon.

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Quick Facts About The Martinez Twins

1. When Emilio and Ivan started their online careers, they were not fluent in English. They improved after they started listening to English songs, watching English movies, and taking lessons in a program called Education First.

2. Emilio’s most terrible moment was when he almost drowned, but was fortunately rescued by his grandfather.

3. Among the two, Emilio is more popular and loved by internet users.

4. The twins have tattoos with the words “Savage” on their bodies.

5. Emilio Martinez has a trade collection. The products are sold by the Australian StreetweaMartinez Twins Bio, How Old Are They Now And What Are They Up To?