Lyssa Chapman Siblings, Net Worth, Death Rumor, Age, Boyfriend
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Lyssa Chapman is an American businesswoman, a former serf, and a former bounty hunter. She is famous for her role in the A&E television series ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’.

At the age of 14, she became pregnant with her first child; she revealed that she was sexually abused. The 24-year-old perpetrator was arrested and convicted of sexual abuse of a minor.

Lyssa Chapman’s Biography

Lyssa Rae Chapman was born on June 10, 1987, in Denver, Colorado, USA, as a daughter of mother Lyssa Rae Brittan and father Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. Her mother is the third wife of her father and she is the ninth of the twelve children her father had.

She was raised by her father until she was ten years old and after the failure of her parent’s marriage, she moved to her mother in a small town in Alaska.

Lyssa Chapman Siblings, Net Worth, Death Rumor, Age, Boyfriend
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Lyssa Chapman had her daughter Abbie Mae Chapman when she was fifteen years old, and to everyone’s surprise, she refused to report her offender but thanked him for giving her a daughter.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

She took part in her father’s television show “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, an American reality TV series that was broadcast by A&E at the time. The series was discontinued in 2012 after eight seasons and 246 episodes. It was about their experiences as bounty hunters and how they managed to track down and capture wanted fugitives or prisoners who violated their parole.

Lyssa Chapman became a licensed bounty hunter at the age of 19. She also worked with her father in the family’s own bail company, Da Kine Bonds, which was reunited six years later.

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What Does Lyssa Chapman Do Now?

Currently, she no longer works with her father and does not appear in her father’s exhibition. They say that she is a businesswoman now, and that’s all we know about her career and business at the moment.

At the age of 23, Lyssa Chapman became pregnant with her second child when she was with the child’s father; they loved each other very much. On August 7, 2009, they had their daughter Madalynn Grace Galanti and we found out that he also had a daughter from his previous relationship.

Lyssa Chapman’s Relationship With Brahman Galanti

In February 2009, Lyssa and Brahman ‘Bo’ Galanti made the Covenant of Life in Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii, and they were happy, or at least we thought they were. Unfortunately, there were reports that she was physically and mentally abused during her marriage and that she sometimes ran out of the house in the middle of the night to her father’s house because she was afraid of Galanti.

Lyssa Chapman Siblings, Net Worth, Death Rumor, Age, Boyfriend
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In 2011, however, Lyssa got tired of the abuse and decided to file for divorce and both went separate ways. She is currently divorced and lives with her two daughters Abbie Mae Chapman and Madalynn Grace Galanti. Ideally, this is not a good sight or a thing to see, especially for growing children, but we believe that their separation was the best way to go.

Lyssa Chapman was arrested on March 15, 2011, for assaulting a police officer and damaging criminal property.

In 2013 she wrote a book entitled “Walking on Eggshells”, her autobiography: The Story of Lyssa Chapman. In this book, she explained and revealed things that happened in her life.

Lyssa Chapman’s Net Worth and Siblings

Despite appearances on her father’s television show and her current business efforts, Lyssa’s net worth is estimated at about $500,000.

There is not much information about her family or her siblings, but we do know that she is the daughter of her father’s third wife and the ninth of twelve children.

There was a tragic event that shook her in 2006: when she lost her sister Barbara in a car accident, her sister reportedly died from injuries caused by the accident, and she admitted that she was deeply affected.

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Lyssa Chapman Death Rumor

In September 2012 it was reported that Lyssa Chapman was involved in a serious car accident in Honolulu and was with her daughters. There were no reports about the extent of the injuries at that time, but apparently, they survived, and it was a frightening time for the family as she also lost her sister Barbara in a car accident.

Her mother told TMZ: “Baby Lyssa had an accident and all our daughters were in the car. According to reports, parts of the car were lying all over the road when the ambulance rushed to the scene.