Lori Fieri Biography, Married, Husband, Kids, Family, Wiki, Age, Measurements
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Lori Fieri is one of the women who has received a certain amount of media attention thanks to her marriage to a TV star, with her marriage to Food Network lead actor Guy Fieri, the man to whom it is credited, attracting more male viewers to the Food Network. Read on while we try to learn more about her.

Lori Fieri Biography/Wiki/Age

Lori is not an average celebrity who has scattered information about her life on the Internet, so we would explore the little information available about her to unravel the facts about her biography.

Lori’s exact date of birth is not known. However, she met Guy in 1993 when she was 22 years old. We have done the math and her year of birth is 1971, which means she is three years younger than Guy, who was born on January 22, 1968.

Lori Fieri Biography, Married, Husband, Kids, Family, Wiki, Age, Measurements

Lori grew up in a working-class family in North Providence Rhode Island. Her father was a toolmaker, while her mother was a maid.

She lived a fairly simple American life until her husband’s victory in the second season of The Next Food Network Star cooking competition on April 23, 2006, catapulted her into the spotlight.

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She now receives special seats at NASCAR, the Super Bowl, and other major events. Lori appears on some of her husband’s Food Network television shows.

Lori Fieri Married/Husband – Guy Fieri

Guy and Lori met at Lori’s first visit to California in 1993. She was on a trip from her hometown of Rhode Island to San Diego but had to stop in Long Beach, California, to visit a friend who worked at the same restaurant as Guy.

Lori Fieri Biography, Married, Husband, Kids, Family, Wiki, Age, Measurements

“Her friend had been fired from the restaurant and they weren’t supposed to be there,” Fieri explained about his first meeting with Lori, “I was talking to her friend and I said ‘Hey, listen, wait a couple of weeks before you come in’ and behind her is this blue-eyed blonde girl who gives me this mean mug.

Guy revealed that it was love at first sight for him, but the same cannot be said of Lori, who immediately turned against Guy after his comment on her friend. According to Guy, Lori’s answer was: “You can’t force us to leave” and Guy replied quietly: “You don’t have to.

Despite her rather harsh answer to him, Guy said he knew Lori was the one. “I knew it the minute I saw her. I just knew it.” Later they became friends and Guy caught them cooking, lol! how else? Two years after their chance meeting, Lori and Guy got married in 1995.

Lori, who like her husband is a food colleague, stands by Guy’s side and supports him in his constant quest to take his love of food to the next level. Lori was the one who encouraged Guy to send a copy of his bold and audacious cooking to The Food Network, which was auditioning at the time for the second season of The Next Food Network Star.

When Guy was called up for the show, he hesitated at first because Lori was pregnant with her second son and Christmas was coming up, but Lori encouraged him again to get involved. Unlike her husband, Lori had no hesitation in accepting the invitation.

Lori Fieri Biography, Married, Husband, Kids, Family, Wiki, Age, Measurements

“I said, ‘Listen, this is the chance of a lifetime,” Lori told Guy. “If you don’t try, you’ll never know. You must leave.”

Four months after the competition began, Lori and Guy entered the season finale, where Guy was announced as the winner. “If I could go back and relive this whole experience, I would. It was such a high point,” Lori said of the experience.

Guy has turned his Food Network Star crown into a successful career as a restaurateur, writer, and host of game shows.

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Kids, Family

The Fieris have two sons, including Hunter Fieri, born on 7 August 1996, and Ryder Fieri, born on 31 December 2005.

The family lives in a 1940s ranch-style house in Santa Rosa, California.

Lori Fieri Measurements

Height: 5 feet 6 inches