Katia Washington Boyfriend, Husband, Relationship with Denzel Washington, Family
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Katia Washington is one of the children of Hollywood actress Denzel Washington and his fellow actress Pauletta Washington. Like her other siblings, Katia has followed in her parents’ footsteps and has already made a name for herself in show business.

Unlike her parents and siblings, Katia prefers to work behind the scenes. As a Yale graduate, Katia quickly builds a career as a film producer. Her works include Django Unchained (2012), Fences (2016), and The Birth of a Nation (2016).


Katia Washington Boyfriend/Husband

Katia has managed to keep her private life away from the attention of the media. However, this only increases the curiosity of the fans, as search terms like “Katia Washington Boyfriend” become more and more popular on the pages of the search engines. To the chagrin of the curious fans, Katia is incredibly secretive about her private life. Social media is often the place where fans can learn more about the stars, but unfortunately, Katia has also closed this window as she does not have a social media account known to the public. So the fans are left to mere speculation.

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In April 2017 a thread on a website called Lip Stick Alley claimed that Katia was gay or at least bisexual. The editor, who had posted incognito, claimed that he had stumbled across Katia’s Facebook page and seen pictures of her dressed up as a tomboy. The publisher even went so far as to conclude that she might be gay or at least bisexual after claiming to have seen photos of Katia and another girl in costumes like Beyonce and Jay Z.

From the photos on the website, it appears that the editor was referring to Denzel’s younger daughter Olivia. Apparently, he confused Olivia with Katia. Olivia doesn’t seem to hide what sexual orientation she might have, as she dressed up as a tomboy for the Golden Globe Awards 2016, where she, along with her father and other siblings, presented his Cecil B. DeMille Award together with her father and other siblings (see picture below).

Katia Washington Boyfriend, Husband, Relationship with Denzel Washington, Family

Nevertheless, Katia Washington’s private life seems to be best known only to her. Maybe one day, when she wins an Oscar-like Daddy or some other remarkable award, she might mention her spouse in her acceptance speech, but for now, we can all just wait.

Her Relationship with Denzel Washington

As explained above, Katia Washinton’s relationship with Denzel Washinton is a daughter-father relationship. Katia is the first daughter of Denzel and the second-born child. She was born on November 27, 1987, by Denzel and his wife Pauletta.

Katia Washington Boyfriend, Husband, Relationship with Denzel Washington, Family

An adult Katia first came into the spotlight in May 2009 at the 18th annual MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles (see picture below), where she and her father presented the award for best film.

Katia Washington Boyfriend, Husband, Relationship with Denzel Washington, Family

It was Katia’s father Denzel who first revealed what she did for a living. In an interview with GQ magazine, Denzel said about his daughter Katia: “My oldest daughter – I see her digging up her independence. She doesn’t like it when I talk about it, but she works with Tarantino.” Tarantino is the director and author of the 2012 film Django Unchained. Katia served as an assistant in the editorial production. In Fences, where her father played the lead role, she was an associate producer.

Katia Washington Family

Katia has three siblings, including her older brother John David Washington and twins, Malcolm and Olivia Washington. All three siblings are involved in entertainment that has become a family business.

John David made his acting debut in 1992 in the movie of his father Malcolm X. He was only 9 years old at the time. However, he couldn’t keep up with film appearances because he had another interest – sports. John David played football in high school and college. He even had a short professional football career with the St. Louis Rams. He played as a running back. But later he found back to acting. You can see him in the HBO comedy series Ballers in the role of Ricky Jerret.

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Malcolm, like John, was a college sports star. During his time at the University of Pennsylvania, he played as a point guard on the University of Pennsylvania basketball team. He graduated from the university in 2013 with a degree in Film Studies. He is also a graduate of the Conservatory of the American Film Institute.

Sister Olivia began professional acting in 2013. Some of her credits include Film, The Butler, TV shows, Empire, and Mr. Robot.

Katia’s other family members include;

grandparents: Lennis Washington, Denzel H. Washington, Sr.

Uncle: David Washington

Aunts: Rita Pearson, Lorice Washington