Jonathan Cooper Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family
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Jonathan Cooper began his football career with fire and flame. During his time in North Carolina, he was a pioneer who recorded enormous knockdown numbers and percentage scores throughout his time in North Carolina. He also received many honorable mentions for his incredible contributions to college football.

The Wilmington man was named a professional offensive lineman at the Arizona Cardinals through the 2013 NFL Draft. Since then, however, he has not reached the heights he expected, mainly due to a series of injuries. During his time with the NFL, he was on the list of major franchises such as the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers, and the New England Patriots.

Jonathan Cooper Bio

Jonathan Javell Cooper was born on January 19, 1990, in Wilmington, North Carolina. Javell played a variety of positions during his time at John T. Hoggard High School, including Guard and Defensive End. Cooper proved to be a crucial part of the team when he led them to a 16-0 record in his senior year and, as a result, won the 4-A Championship. He won the race for Conference’s Player of the Year by playing as an offensive lineman.

Jonathan Cooper Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family
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At Hoggard, he was also exceptionally active in heavyweight wrestling and athletics.

Jonathan Cooper spent four years from 2008 to 2012 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After the first year in a red shirt, he started 10 games for the 2009 season, playing in the left guard and finishing the regular season with 40 knockdown blocks and a 73 percent score.

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With each season he improved his statistics further and from 2009 to 2011 he received the All-ACC awards three years in a row. In his senior year, he was a consensus All-American. In the 2013 NFL Draft, Cooper became the first offensive North Carolina lineman since 1987 to be selected in the first round of the draft. He was the seventh overall choice of exercise. In his selection, he signed a lucrative four-year, $14.55 million contracts with Arizona Cardinals in July 2013. Unfortunately, things went only downhill from then on. Still, in his first preseason, he suffered a fracture of the left fibula.

The following year, he was back and got pinched in his left-back, although he was apparently still struggling with his previous injury. His problem was exacerbated by a knee and toe injury in training camp. He was then usurped by Ted Larsen on the depth map. He returned in week 14, but only kept his seat for two games before being relegated to the sidelines due to a left wrist injury. In 2015 he was moved to the right defensive position to make room for new recruit Mike Lupati, but in week 10 he again succumbed to the ongoing knee problem.

As patience ran out, the Cardinals traded him for the New England Patriots on March 15, 2016. Three days after the start of the training camp, he suffered an injury on his right foot and subsequently gave up his starting position. Seven months later, in October, he was released.

In the same month, Jonathan Cooper transferred to the Cleveland Browns, where he was assigned as a right guard for five games, three of them as a starter. He was discharged in December 2016.

The Dallas Cowboys chose him as a reserve for the offensive line to deepen their team lineup. On March 14, 2017, he officially signed a one-year contract with the team.

Jonathan Cooper Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family
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He became a starter in the fourth game of the regular season against the Los Angeles Rams. Here Cooper, who played in the left guard, had a decent series of games for the first time since 2015. For the first time in his NFL career, the left defender started a personal best of 13 games. However, he was again on the ground and out of play this season’s final when he suffered ligament damage in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

This marked the end of his time on the team when he continued to play under a one-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers on March 20, 2018. After the team released him on September 1, 2018, he became a free player.

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Jonathan Cooper’s family

Not much is known about the footballer’s family. Jonathan was born of his parents, Michael Cooper and Velma Cooper. “Coop”, as he is affectionately known, has at least three siblings from his parents: two sisters and at least one brother. One of his brothers, like him, visits North Carolina. One of his sisters is enrolled in Meredith College and the other lives in Durham.

Height, Weight, & Body Measurements

The footballer stands at an athletically respectable height of 1.88 m (6 feet 2 inches) and weighs 140 kg (308 lbs). He also has an arm reach of 0.84 m (33 inches) and a hand size of 0.26 m (10¼ inches).