Giovanna Yannotti: 8 Things to Know About Kurt Angle’s Wife
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Giovanna Yannotti is famous for several reasons, ranging from being an actress to the wife of the American professional wrestler and actor Kurt Angle.

Pennsylvania-born wrestler Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medalist who dominated the amateur ranks and rose to become one of the biggest WWE superstars. After 7 successful years with the WWE, he retired in 2006.

Giovanna Yannotti, also from Pennsylvania, was born in Pittsburgh on 26 March 1987. She is half Italian and half Mexican. Giovanna Yannotti attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she aspired to a career as an actress and model, but later dropped out of school.

Before her acting career, she first worked as a model. As an actress, she has appeared in several films and television series. Her acting career actually began in 2009 when she played a supporting role in the movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon. In 2010, she starred in an episode of the television series Justified as a gang member and in the horror movie 6 Souls, in which she played a lawyer. Giovanna, who also performs as a stunt actress, was a double for Rosario Dawson and a stunt double in the 2010 film Unstoppable. In 2012 she played at the side of her husband Kurt Angle in the film Death from Above.

Giovanna wanted to pursue her acting career before she met Kurt. However, the proud wife and mother seem to lead a happy family life and have declared that she is no longer an actress. Here are interesting facts that you probably never knew about Giovanna Angle.

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8 Things to Know About Giovanna Yannotti

1. Giovanna is Kurt Angle’s second wife

Kurt was previously married to Karen Smedley in a marriage that lasted ten years (1998 to 2008) and produced two children; a daughter, Kyra, born in 2002, and a son, Kody, born in 2006.

2. There is a 19-year age difference between Giovanna and Kurt

Kurt was born on 9 December 1968, while Giovanna was born on 26 March 1987.

3. Giovanna Yannotti met her husband on a movie set

Giovanna Yannotti: 8 Things to Know About Kurt Angle’s Wife

The couple met in 2009 during the shooting of the film End Game. In the film, Angle played the role of a murderer who kidnaps the daughter of a police officer, while Yannotti played a small role in the film as a “guest in a restaurant”. Giovanna once revealed that she had made the film as a favor to her best friend’s father when she was changed on the set at the last minute.

The couple, who apparently met by fate, immediately connected at their first meeting. After this film, during Kurt’s injury rehabilitation phase, the two eventually became close, as Giovanna came by every day to check on him and keep him company, the rest, they say, being history now.

4. They officially became life partners on July 20th, 2012

The couple got engaged in 2010, and after two years they sealed the bond of marriage in a wedding ceremony in their hometown of Pennsylvania. The ceremony was attended by close family members and friends.

5. Giovanna and Kurt have three daughters together

Their first child, Giuliana Marie, was born on 22 January 2011, one year before their wedding. Her second child, Sophia Laine, was born on 31 December 2012, while the third, Nikoletta Sky, was welcomed on 5 November 2016.

Giovanna Yannotti: 8 Things to Know About Kurt Angle’s Wife

6. Giovanna is the reason Kurt now lives a healthy life

Over the years Kurt had to struggle with drug addictions that eventually worsened and he refused to get help from rehab despite beliefs from various sides. However, Kurt was forced to get his life in order and get well again after his wife Giovanna, who supported him, threatened to leave him with an ultimatum if he did not go to rehab. They bet that Kurt had no choice but to finally succumb.

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7. Giovanna Yannotti Net worth

Although the actual value of Giovanna’s net worth is unknown, we do know that her famous wrestling husband has an estimated net worth of $25 million, and as an actress with smaller roles but many movies on her resume, she earned a decent amount of money that suited her needs.

8. Giovanna Yannotti has an active social media life

The actress, described as Kurt’s support system, has a strong fan base on Instagram and Twitter. Giovanna uses these platforms to show support for her husband and share some of her special family moments. Sometimes she posts pictures of Kurt with all his children (including their stepchildren) on Instagram. The couple, who have many things in common, seem to be madly in love and have dedicated their lives to each other.