Claire Hosterman Bio, Age, Instagram, Siblings, Parents, Boyfriend
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Claire Hosterman is a singer, music teacher, and the older sister of popular Disney star Dove Cameron. She graduated from Bainbridge High School in 2007, holds a degree in Anthropology from Pitzer College in California, and is of Scottish and French descent.

Claire Hosterman Age and Bio

Claire Hosterman was born on 10 March 1989 in Seattle, Washington, the daughter of Phillip Alan Hosterman and Bonnie Wallace. Apart from being known as Dove Cameron’s sister, she is a music teacher and singer. Claire Hosterman studied singing for over 10 years in Seattle, Washington, Paris, and Los Angeles before deciding to pursue vocal training as a profession.

She began teaching singing to students of all ages in her singing studio in Burbanks, Los Angeles and saw it as a means of reaching the world. Her singing lessons proved to be very successful and led to her continuing to take online voice lessons via Skype. The transition to online singing lessons via Skype became a big thing and led to her having students all over the world. This eventually put her name on the world music map.

Claire Hosterman Bio, Age, Instagram, Siblings, Parents, Boyfriend
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Today she still gives singing lessons to her students and provides them with the technology to enrich their voice so that they can orient themselves in all singing styles. Claire Hosterman uses the kinesthetic and holistic approach to teaching her students. She believes that anyone can sing, but must be given the right technique to flourish. She performed at the 2008 Bainbridge Performing Arts and Young Playwrights Festival and was an apprentice of Steven Fogell, who was assistant director of the BPA Camp Teen Bainbridge production of Les Miserables.

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Her hard work and dedication were recognized when she received the Seventh Annual Amy Award as the 2008 Emerging Artist of the Year. This award is presented each year by Bainbridge’s Department of Arts and Humanities to a young artist who demonstrates a strong sense of quality, creativity, exploration, and commitment to a chosen art field. She later directed many productions at Bainbridge High School and the BPA herself. She has also experimented with vegan cooking to become a promoter of vegetarian cuisine.

Claire Hosterman Parents

Her parents were co-owners and designed for a jewelry company in India. Her father was the founder of the Kandahar Trading Company, an ethnic fashion accessories company. He was a pianist and cook, while her mother is a poet and novelist. Her father enjoyed music as a hobby and worked with Claire and her sister on piano and saxophone when he was alive. This must have somehow contributed to her interest in voice training.

Her mother Bonnie Wallace wrote a book called “The Hollywood Parents Guide”. Her parents eventually divorced and she lost her father when she and her sister were still young in 2011.

Claire Hosterman’s Siblings

Claire has a younger sister named Dove Cameron. Dove Cameron is 21 years old and was born in Seattle, Washington. The American actress and singer is known for her double role in the Disney teenager sitcom Liv and Maddie and also played the role of Mal, Maleficent’s daughter, in Descendants. Dove Cameron was bullied from the 5th grade throughout her high school experience.

The loss of her father and the broken family have brought Claire and her sister very close together as they always try to be there for each other. She even continued to be close with Deaf’s friend Ryan McMartin. She was like an older sister to him, but unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long as they broke off their engagement months after the announcement of the engagement.

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Claire Hosterman Boyfriend and Instagram

Not much is known about Claire’s relationships and her love life. Although her status is still considered single, it is known that she has a boyfriend named Sohrab Mirmont. Sohrab was the assistant director for her sister’s first music video.

Claire Hosterman is quite active on Instagram, she has over 39.000 followers. She sees it as her greatest reward that students who fill her positions praise her and her approach to teaching voice techniques. Therefore, some of her posts are usually reenactments of her students giving her such praise. She also has posts of proud moments with her students.