Caroline Dhavernas Wiki, Bio, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings, Feet
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Caroline Dhavernas is a Canadian actress best known for her work in Bryan Fuller’s projects such as the series Wonderfalls and Hannibal. Born in a French-speaking province, her parents sent her to an English-speaking primary school called The Priory School at a very young age.

Caroline Dhavernas Bio

Caroline Dhavernas was born on May 15, 1978, in Montreal (Quebec) as the daughter of Quebec parents; Sébastien Dhavernas and Michèle Deslauriers were both actors. At the age of 8, Caroline Dhavernas began dubbing voices for television shows like Babar. She began her acting career at the age of 12 in the film Comme un Voleur in 1990.

Caroline Dhavernas Acting Career

In 1999 Caroline trained with the swimming club Pointe-Claire for two months to portray the swimmer Marilyn Bell in a film: The story of Marilyn Bell, who was the first to cross Lake Ontario in 1954.

Caroline Dhavernas also had a notable starring role in the film Edge of Madness in 2002 and supporting roles in the films; Out Cold and Lost and Delirious both in 2001; and a notable role in Law and Order as a gay teenager who killed her girlfriend.

However, her portrayal of Jaye Tyler, the main character in the series Wonderfalls, which debuted in March 2004, was her best-known work to date. Caroline described the series as “Touched by an Angel on Acid”.

Caroline Dhavernas Wiki, Bio, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings, Feet
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Before the series was canceled, it received widespread critical praise. Fox canceled the show after only four episodes and triggered an online petition, which was signed in the hope that Fox would continue the show. The petition worked because it led to Fox 20th Century releasing a DVD with all 13 full episodes. Caroline even made her own voice for the French translation of Wonderfalls.

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After the Fox show was canceled, she starred in Canadian features such as Niagara Motel and These Girls. Caroline also performed in Hollywoodland in 2006 and Breach in 2007. She also appeared in Surviving My Mother, where she played the lead role.

She has worked on other projects such as The Cry of the Owl and the popular Quebec comedy Father and Guns. In 2013, she reunited with the creator of Wonderfalls, Bryan Fuller in Hannibal as the female lead, Dr. Alana Bloom.

In 2017, Caroline portrayed Dr. Mary Harris in the Canadian black comedy-drama series Mary Kills People. The series had its premiere in the USA on 23 April 2017. Afterward, she appeared in the thriller/drama “Easy Living as Sherry”.

Caroline Dhavernas attracts the attention of film lovers and television viewers with her attitude, beauty, and talent. She has made a name for herself in Hollywood as a celebrated young actress.

Caroline Dhavernas Siblings, Awards, And Games

Dhavernas has received two Gemeaux awards. One for the “Best Interpretation in a Youth Series” for Zap, broadcast in 1993, and the other for the “Best Supporting Role” in the Tag program, broadcast in 2000.

Caroline is also the narrator of Ubisoft’s “Child of Light” video game. She divides her time between Montreal and New York City.

Caroline has a younger sister named Gabrielle Dhavernas, who is also an actress and specializes in voice dubbing. Gabrielle has a similar voice timbre to her sister, so Gabrielle can actually dub Caroline’s voice.

Caroline Dhavernas Parents

Her father, Sébastien Dhavernas, was born in Montreal, Quebec on January 19, 1950. He is an actor and has also dubbed French voices. This contributed to his fame as the voice of Roger Rabbit in the French version of the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

He attended Stanislas College, where he completed his classical studies. Sébastien also went to McGill University, where he studied sociology for a year and then attended the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montreal.

In 1989, he urged the Canadian government to pass a law that would allow the majority of Quebec’s French dubbed television programs to be dubbed in the province of Quebec rather than in France. Finally, he was described as responsible for dubbing in Quebec’s Union des Artistes.

Her father played a role in the Quebec production of Les Miserables and was president of the Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relation Tribunal (CAPPRT).

Caroline Dhavernas Wiki, Bio, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings, Feet
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Michèle Deslauriers

Her mother, Michèle Deslauriers, was born in Quebec, Canada, on 17 January 1946. She is an actress and is the voice that announces the stops of the subway in Montreal.

These announcements are mainly found on MR-63 trains, but in case of a service interruption or other emergencies, special announcements are played, which are also spoken by Deslauriers.

Both her father and mother are still together as a married couple and grandparents. They definitely formed the background for their daughters’ careers as actors and dubbing actors.


Caroline’s father Sébastien Dhavernas ran for the Liberal Party of Canada in the 2008 federal elections in the Montreal riding of Outremont. He fought against cuts in art funding introduced by the conservative government of Stephen Harper.

His decision to run was made just days before the election. He eventually came in second against Thomas Mulcair – the future party leader – and Sébastien was then appointed to a Liberal Party political commission headed by Serge Joyal.

In 2013, he ran in the local elections for Montreal City Council as a candidate for the Equipe Denis Coderre pour Montreal and narrowly lost to Sterling Downey of Projet Montreal.

He has written for the Huffington post on the French-speaking website of Quebec.

Is Caroline Dhavernas in a Relationship? Boyfriend/Husband

Caroline Dhavernas remains silent about her dating life, which has led people to speculate that she is either a workaholic or a lesbian. The lesbian speculation was further inflamed in Hannibal, where Caroline and another actress (Katharine Isabelle) were seen making out.

To be honest, Caroline only played the character of Alan and played the scene as the script requires. Furthermore, as Alan Bloom in Hannibal, Caroline had revealed her attraction to co-star Will Graham, who plays the role of the great Darcy (this was just shown on screen).

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As reported on 14 July 2016, it was later discovered that she had a relationship with the 34-year-old television, film, and theatre actor and dubbing artist from Quebec, Maxime Le Flaguais. She had hidden this relationship because no other social website could testify to this information until Caroline passed on the news of herself and Maxime-her boyfriend attending a game in Montreal together at the Bell Center on October 22, 2016.

They were last seen together at the premiere of Pays de Chloe Robichaud on November 15, 2016. Shortly thereafter, there was speculation that they were no longer together since according to they were no longer together. It is still believed that she is in a secret relationship with Maxime, but is not married to him.

Caroline Dhavernas Measurements and Net Worth

Caroline has a height of 34-24-35 with a height of 5 feet 4 inches and a weight of 132lbs. She has a shoe size of 7 according to the US measure. Her eyes are blue.

Caroline’s net worth is estimated at approximately $500,000.