Bernardo Silva Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family, Other Facts
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In the 2016/2017 football season, Bernardo Silva thrilled the crowd in Monaco along with a number of young talents and was soon replaced by probably the best manager in the world. In a Manchester City squad that has its own gallery of superstars, he has once again lived up to expectations.

Bernardo Silva Biography

Bernado was born in Lisbon on 10 August 1994 as the son of Mota Viega Silva and Maria Silva. He started his youth career at Benfica, where he won the 2012-13 Portuguese Junior Championship.

He made his Benfica debut on 19 October 2013 at the age of 19. In the 2013-14 season, he was a member of the Benfica team, which won a domestic triple. He initially joined the French club AS Monaco on loan, which later became a permanent contract. He was an integral part of the Monaco side that won the League 1 title in 2017.

Bernardo Silva was signed by FC Machester City on 26 May 2017 for 43.5 million pounds sterling. On the march from Enroute City to the Premier League title, Silva made 35 appearances with 6 goals.

Bernardo Silva Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family, Other Facts
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Bernardo Silva’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Bernardo will not stand out as the greatest player in most starting formations, but what he seems to lack in stature, he will certainly make up for with his skills as a footballer. Silva stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 64 kg.

As with most celebrities and athletes, there is a desire to learn more about her physical condition. Bernardo has an athletic body, accompanied by an oval face type. He has brown hair and matching brownish eyes.

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He was born as Bernardo Mota Veiga de Carvalho e Silva. The name of his father is Mota Veiga and his mother Maria Joao. Bernardo is related to the Portuguese Matilde Fidalgo.

Other Facts About Bernardo Silva

There is a lot of further information about Bernardo Silva that we think might be of interest to you. So let us dig a little deeper.

Bernado is Nicknamed “The Little Messi”

During his time at Benfica, Bernardo Silva shone when he made his way through the ranks of the academy and received the nickname “Little Messi”. However, he was not able to realize this potential in Benfica, although he was elected Portuguese breakthrough star in 2014.

Bernardo Silva has one of the Weirdest Post-training Routines

Most athletes have a certain amount of superstition before and after the game that helps them to survive the demanding mental experiences of top-class sport. For Bernardo Silva, he spends an hour lying on the floor with his eyes closed after each training session.

According to the Portuguese, this helps him to internalize and maximize his ability to think by focusing his mental abilities on the game. You wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the reasons for his incredible intelligence in the game.

He’s in a Relationship with Alicia Verrando

Silva is with Alicia Verrando, who has a degree in International Business. They met while Alicia was doing an internship at Bernardo’s former Club Monaco.

Bernardo Silva Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family, Other Facts
Image source

Bernado is Seen as a Young National Hero

Silva was one of the players selected to represent Portugal in the 2015 European Under-21 Championship. During the tournament, Silva distinguished himself as one of the team’s leaders. On the way to the final of the tournament in Prague, Silva scored in Portugal’s 5-0 win over Germany in the semi-finals. In the final match against Sweden, which was a full-time draw, they lost 4-3 on penalties.

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He has Similar Playing Styles with Namesake David Silva

Bernardo became known at a very young age for his exciting technical skills and football intelligence. His positions vary, but he is probably best suited to playing far-right in right midfield, which gives him the opportunity to get involved. He can play both in midfield and left midfield. His qualities are so similar to those of his compatriot David Silva that many see him as the replacement for the Spaniard in the years to come.

Bernardo Silva is Represented by Super Agent Jorge Mendes

There are football agents, and there are super agents. These power brokers are the faces behind some of the most complicated transfer deals in world football. Bernardo Silva is currently represented by football’s super-agent, Jorge Mendes, who represents some of the most famous names in world football. Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Angel Di Maria, Diego Costa, James Rodriguez, and others.

The Portuguese Mannequin Challenge

While Cristiano Ronaldo displayed his perfectly toned body, Bernardo Silva was the man behind the camera for the famous Portuguese Mannequin Challenge video.