John Stones Height, Weight, Measurements, Girlfriend, Bio, Other Facts
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John Stones denies every cliché that is commonly used to describe the abilities of the average English defender: strong, tough, and gripping. Depending on which side of the aisle you are on, you might find it derogatory or flattering.

The overall assumption is that finesse and elegance are not necessarily their strong points. However, the John Stones of Manchester City are not the average English central defender. Elegant in possession, calm on the ball, and blessed with a passing game that Franz Beckenbauer will be proud of.

Bio of John Stones

John Stones is an English central defender who plays for the English Premier League club Manchester City. John Stones was born on 28 May 1994 as the son of Peter and Janet Stones and began his football training with his home club Barnsley FC in Manchester City.

John Stones Height, Weight, Measurements, Girlfriend, Bio, Other Facts
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Before joining Barnsley, John attended Penistone Grammar School, where he first became interested in golf. Over time, however, his interest shifted firmly towards football. As a quiet and reserved boy, John had difficulty fitting into his various age groups at the academy level because of his slender stature. At 15, he was asked to train in the lower age group so that he could meet the physical demands of the game.

By the time he turned 18 and his physique had developed accordingly at 1.82 meters 2 inches, his footballing skills were miles ahead of his youth teammates.

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He signed his first professional contract with Barnsley in December 2011 and made his first-team debut on 17 March 2012. After a string of impressive performances and recommendations to Scouts, Stones signed for Everton in January 2013 for around £3 million.

Under then Everton boss Roberto Martinez, Stones flourished and received national acclaim for the maturity of his achievements. He made his club debut against Stevenage in the league cup on 28 August 2013.

In four seasons, Stones played 95 games and scored one goal. As the club’s membership grew, Everton was forced to offer his young starlet an improved contract to keep him with the club. On August 7, 2014, Stones signed a contract extension with an improved weekly salary of 30,000 pounds sterling.

After defending Chelsea’s interests, Manchester City signed a £47.5 million six-year contract with Stones on 9 August 2016. This made Stones the second most expensive defender in the world in history, after Brazilian defender David Luiz.

Stones’ arrival at Etihad Stadium coincided with the arrival of Spaniard Pep Guardiola, who is known for his admiration for elegant, ball-playing defenders. Stones played his first city match on 6 January 2017 against London club West Ham United.

After a brilliant start to his career in Manchester City, things have slowed down somewhat for the young Englishman. Stones is prone to strange mistakes and lack of concentration and has found a hard-to-reach starting place. His recent injuries and the acquisition of top talent from across Europe by City have played a significant role in his recent club-level battles.

On the international stage, Stones made his first appearance for England in the senior side in May 2014, after replacing Leighton Baines in a 3-0 friendly against Peru at Wembley in May 2014. He made his first appearance for the Three Lions in the first match of UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying against Switzerland.

Since then, he has been called up to the squad for every major tournament.

Who is John Stones Girlfriend?

John Stones Height, Weight, Measurements, Girlfriend, Bio, Other Facts
Image source

John Stones has been with his childhood sweetheart Millie Savage since the age of 12. A drama ensued when news surfaced that Stones had met Jessica Peaty behind Millie’s back.

John met Jessica – an event manager – at a restaurant, and after hanging out together, the two retired to a hotel in Manchester for the night. The friendship lasted for a few weeks, at the same time as Stones settled into his new club Manchester City. Jessica was initially unaware of his status as a footballer, but later she was surprised to see John’s pictures on the back of a tabloid after a weekend league game. After doing a background check, she discovered that Stones had a girlfriend he had been with since childhood.

A desperate Jessica sent an Instagram message to Millie and asked if John was still with her during the time of her fling. As expected, a fiasco followed and made the front pages of the newspapers. John had the unenviable task of going back to Millie to heal the relationship and damage the trust.

Fortunately, he was forgiven, but not without cost. The millionaire footballer allegedly had to appease her first by buying a £3.5 million villa. He even had to go so far as to get her face tattooed on his arm.

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Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

John Stones stands at 6’2″, weighs 70 kg. That’s quite an impressive height for a defender who is 1.88 meters and 2 inches tall. His equivalent weight of 154 pounds increases his strength and resistance as he runs towards or protects himself from players of the opposing team who meander past him. His other body measurements such as the chest, arms/biceps, and waist have not been disclosed, but judging by a visual assessment of the city center defender, he has an athletic build.

Other Facts About John Stones

  • As a child, he was a supporter of Manchester United.
  • Stones currently earns £100,000 a week in Manchester City.
  • He and Chelsea defender Gary Cahill were once involved in a mix-up of Instagram accounts. Pictures were posted on the Stones’ account congratulating Chelsea on a league win, which made both groups of fans angry.
  • John Stones also has a tattoo of the face of Barnsley legend Norman Rimmington on his leg. Norman, who died in December 2016 at the age of 90, worked with stones while having a schoolboy in Barnsley.