A Walk Through The Maze Of Dr Dre’s Large Family, Troubles with The Law and Net Worth
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Among the famous and versatile personalities, Romelle Young, best known as He reigns at the helm. An award-winning rapper, songwriter, record producer, sound engineer, entrepreneur, and actor combined, Dre is a true embodiment of talent. As an entrepreneur, he founded Aftermath Entertainment, and in his capacity as a sound engineer, Dr. Dre is the CEO of Beats Electronics. In the field of record production, Dre has helped introduce and establish several top hip-hop artists, including 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, The Game, and so on. He has also produced albums for A-Lister such as 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Knoc-turn’al, and many others.

With such a highly successful career, you would certainly like to know what his personal life is like. Learn all about his relationships and family, including his children’s community and how they all came about. We also provide you with interesting facts about the rapper’s numerous legal problems, among other things.

How Many Children Does Dr. Dre Have and Who Are their Mothers?

Dr. Dre is a man who is never with women. This Casanova lifestyle eventually led to him fathering seven children by five women and marrying only one of them. Dr. Dre’s seven children consist of four sons and three daughters. Let’s look at them one by one and see who they are.

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Curtis Young

Curtis Young is Dr. Dre’s first child and son. Dre gave birth to Curtis in 1981 along with his teenage girlfriend, Cassandra Joy Greene. While Dre was 16 years old, Cassandra was 15 when she welcomed her son Curtis on December 15th. However, Curtis’ mother did not let him know who his father was until he was twelve years old. He would meet him personally later after he turned 20.

Curtis followed his father’s career path by also becoming a rapper. He is professionally known as the Hood Surgeon. Just like his father, he started his own record label called So Hood Records. Curtis Young is married to Vannessa Young.

La Tanya Danielle Young

La Tanya is the second child and first daughter of Dr. Dre. He had her in January 1983 with his then sweetheart Lisa Johnson. Meanwhile, Lisa, who has become a lesbian, claims that Dre is also the father of her other two daughters. However, La Tanya Danielle remains the only one whose conception was confirmed by Dre.

Andre Young Jr.

Andre Young Jr. is the third child and second son of Dr. Dre. He welcomed Andre in 1988 with his then mistress Jenita Porter. Unfortunately, Andre died in 2009 from drug abuse, more precisely from an overdose of morphine and heroin. It was his mother who discovered the 20-year-old’s unconscious body in her house in Woodland Hills, California.

Marcel Young

After separating from Jenita Porter, Dr. Dre began collaborating with American songwriter and singer Michel’le Toussanthad, with whom he worked on Ruthless and Death Row Records. The duo soon welcomed a son, whom they named Marcel Young. Marcel, the fifth child and third son of Dr. Dre, was born in 1991. Marcel keeps to himself and is rarely seen.

However, the relationship between Michel’le and Dre ended on a bad note. Many years after their separation, Michel’le publicly released a claim that Dr. Dre had physically abused her throughout the time they were together. Further details of their stories were published in a biopic entitled “Surviving Compton”: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, which Lifetime TV broadcast on October 15, 2016.

Tyra Young

Tyra Young is the second daughter and fifth child of Dr. Dre. Meanwhile, there is not much information about Tyra, and it remains a mystery with whom Dre fathered her. However, we do know that she is an actress and producer who has made her way into the media through her roles in movies like Ropes Of Silicon and Take 6.

Truice Young

Truice Young, Dr. Dre’s fourth son and sixth child is the first of his children born in marriage. Dre married Truice’s mother, Nicole Threatt, in 1996. The couple welcomed him the following year, in 1997, and Truice is pursuing a career in music.

Truly Young

Truly Young is Dr. Dre’s third daughter and last child. She is also the second born into wedlock. Dre’s wife, Nicole gave birth to Truly in 2001. Truly who loves the spotlight is obviously her daddy’s pet. Dre’s social media accounts are flooded with photos of himself and Truly. Just like her dad, Truly who is studying at the University of South Carolina (USC), is pursuing a career in music as a singer and songwriter. She launched her debut single titled “Lover Boy” in 2018.

Who Exactly Is Dr. Dre Wife, Nicole Threatt and What Is the Secret to their Long-standing Marriage?

Nicole Threatt, born January 1, 1970, is an American lawyer. However, after her marriage to the famous and wealthy Dr. Dre, she stopped practicing her profession. As mentioned above, Nicole married Dr. Dre in 1996, and it is remarkable that Threatt’s marriage to Dr. Dre is her second. She was married to the now-retired NBA star Sedale Threatt. Interestingly, Nicole met Dre while she was still married to Threatt and the story that she left Threatt for Dre is no secret. This is because Dre took very open and direct steps to snatch her from her then-husband, and he succeeded! He had written her a letter in which he told her bluntly to leave her husband and come to him, and she did. Nicole finally divorced Sedale Threatt in 1995 and married Dr. Dre the following year.

It is obvious that Dr. Dre has finally found love in Nicole Threatt. Completely different from his romantic life, Dre has been with Nicole for over two decades. Among the secrets of their enduring relationship is the couple’s ability to keep their private affairs off the media. Besides her two biological children with Dre, Nicole Threatt is the stepmother of the rapper’s five other children. She did not have a child with her first husband.

A Detailed Look At His Net Worth and Sources of Income

Dr. Dre has an estimated net worth of $820 million. Although he is not the artist who releases hits and albums every year, he still has his bank account on the rise. The legendary rapper and producer has a keen interest in business and investments that usually yield worthwhile dividends. Below are listed the most important businesses and ventures of Dr. Dre, through which he is increasing his impressive fortune.

Aftermath Entertainment

Dr. Dre’s record company Aftermath Entertainment is his most prominent company to date. He founded the agency for record production and talent management in 1996. Although the company experienced several setbacks in its early years, it soon became a huge success with the signing of the now very popular rapper Eminem in 1998. Since then, Dre has continued to produce songs for other artists, many of which turned out to be big hits, thus earning money for the producer.

In 2001, Aftermath Dre brought in an impressive $52 million in income. Part of the money came from selling some of the company’s shares to Interscope Records, while the rest came from producing songs, including Mary J. Blige’s hit “Family Affair”. In 2004, he earned the sum of 11.4 million dollars from royalties on Aftermath Records production.

Beats Electronics

Dr. Dre founded Beats Electronics, an audio products company, in 2008. His first brand of premium headphones, Beats by Dre, was launched in July of the same year. The technical product line consists primarily of headphones, earphones, and speakers and includes a variety of products: Beats Solo & Solo HD, Beats Studio, Beats Tour, Beats Spin, Heartbeats by Lady Gaga and Diddy Beats.

In August 2011, Dr. Dre reportedly sold a 50% stake in the Beats audio and electronics line to Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC for $310 million. This deal added $135 million to his assets, which were estimated at $125 million at the time. In May 2014, Apple then bought the Beats series for a whopping $3 billion, making Dre the “first hip-hop billionaire”, but in reality, his net worth at that time only increased to $550 million. After the acquisition, Dre became and remains a senior executive at Apple Inc., a position that carries enormous financial rewards.

Brand Endorsements

In addition to his personal business, Dr. Dre also generates significant income from trademark contracts. Among the companies he has contracts with are St. Ides, Coors Light, Dr. Pepper, and Chrysler 300S.

With the huge success of his 2015 biographical film “Straight Outta Compton,” Dre further increased his net worth to $700 million by the end of the year. Then, with continued income from record royalties, brand referrals, and other business, Dr. Dre’s net worth increased to $800 million, according to the Forbes 2019 report.

Dissecting Dr. Dre Incessant Legal Woes

Dr. Dre had problems with the law even as a teenager/college teacher. Due to his frequent involvement in criminal activities, Dre attended up to six schools before completing his high school education. Since he has grown up, Dre has also continued to fall into the hands of law enforcement agencies from time to time. Here we have taken a detailed look at the most important occasions when the famous entrepreneur came into conflict with the law.

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Physical Assault Charges

In 1991, He himself ended up in a $22.7 million lawsuit filed by Fox’s TV host Dee Barnes for assault and battery. It happened that Dre Barnes almost beat up Dre Barnes on January 27 of the same year at a music industry party at the Po Na Na Souk Hollywood club. Dre, who was furious that Dee was hosting an interview in which Ice Cube insulted his group N.W.A. and his colleague The Doc, had ambushed Dee down the stairs of the venue, beating her face and body against the wall. Dre eventually earned a $2,350 fine, two years probation, 240 hours of community service and a television commercial against public service violence.

In May 1991, Dr. Dre beat up one person during a brawl at a New Orleans hotel. He received a 90-day prison sentence, a $10,000 donation to charity and compensation for the victim. In October 1992, he was also convicted of assaulting a police officer

In addition, several other women have accused Dr. Dre on several occasions of physically abusing her. Some of them are former record label colleague Tarrie B and her ex-girlfriends Lisa Johnson and Michel’le. While the other two women never brought any charges against Dre, Lisa has obtained a restraining order to protect herself from his frequent beatings.

Drunk Driving Charges

In January 1994, on January 10th, a heavily drunk Dre led the police in a car chase at 90 miles per hour along Beverly Hills, LA. Dre pleaded guilty to all crimes and finally received an 8-month prison sentence in September 1994.

Beats by Dre vs Steven Lamar Lawsuit

In 2019, He and his business colleague Jimmy Iovine received a court order to pay $25 million to their former partner Steven Lamar for copyright infringement. Lamar, who claimed that Beats by Dre was his intellectual child, expected royalties on the brand’s first three headphone models. But Dre and Iovine insisted that he could only receive royalties for the first model. Lamar then filed a $100 million lawsuit against them in 2014. The court finally ruled that they would pay Steven Lamar $25,247,350 in compensation.