A Close Look At Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton Split, What Really Happened
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When the seemingly beautiful relationship between Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton came to an end, not many were surprised, because most relationships that come out of the reality TV show The Bachelor usually become chaotic and end badly, and this too followed this pattern – it became really chaotic.

But the really interesting thing about the break-up story of Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton is that it has different sides to it, so you always wonder which version of the story is right and which one you should believe. Well, while we leave it up to you to decide which version is right, here is everything we know about the former couple, their breakup, and what really led up to it.

Their Love Story…

Stanton and Murray met in the third season of the Bachelor in Paradise, where Stanton was one of the candidates. When Murray (former winner of The Bachelor) appeared on the show, the mother of two was entranced by his charming looks and personality.

A Close Look At Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton Split, What Really Happened
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Amanda Stanton was soon criticized by friends and fellow contestants for being too close to Murray, but the two were determined to make their newfound love work. They left the show together as a couple and became engaged at the end of the show. To make matters worse, they moved in with Murray, who flew all the way to California to live with Stanton and their girls in their Irvine apartment. They seemed so perfect together and published photos from Instagram and social media to make us believe that everything was okay.

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Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton Split – What Really Happened?

In January 2017, news of the split between Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton reached social media. At first, everyone thought it was just a rumor until Josh announced the news to Mag. In his statement to Mag, Josh explained that Stanton and the girls will always have a special place in his heart and that he wishes her the best because she deserves it.

Just as we were getting used to the news of their separation, Entertainment Tonight reported the next month that the duo was spotted kissing in L.A. Josh later told us in Us Weekly that his relationship with Amanda Stanton was “complicated” and that they were trying to work things out.

Note that at this point only Josh did all the talking while Amanda was completely silent about the whole thing, which many people found quite strange since the mother of two is known to be very active on social media and likes to share her relationship on the platforms. Many felt that her silence was a red light, and this proved to be true because while we were still wishing them all the best in solving their problems, the news came that they had finally really broken up.

A Close Look At Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton Split, What Really Happened
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The separation became really chaotic, and there are different versions of what really happened. According to Murray’s personal assistant Hayley Watts, Josh had performed in L.A. during the finals of Nick’s bachelor season and started a fierce fight with Amanda that led to her throwing his (Josh’s) stuff out of their shared apartment and into the hallway.

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The story didn’t end there, a week later Josh asked Murray for his car, which he had bought in his name while they were together and which she was allowed to use because they were thinking about starting a family together. Josh’s PA claimed that Stanton refused to give it back and this led to her siccing the police on them. Amanda, on the other hand, claimed that she tried to arrange a date for its return.

Amanda Stanton shared her own side of the story and said she had always seen the red flags in her relationship from the beginning, but chose to ignore them. According to her, Murray was more concerned about how he was portrayed in the show than about her, and that hurt her feelings. She added that he seemed to have problems with Nick Viall, who she had previously dated on the show.

Even after he moved to California to stay with her and her kids, Amanda said that he always talked about how he still wanted to go back to Atlanta, so she kicked him out and asked him to go back to Atlanta. She insisted that the separation was difficult and very painful, but it was the best thing to do. They both moved on with their lives.