xChocobars Biography Who Is The Boyfriend? How Did She Become Popular
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In recent times, the art of gambling resembled an area reserved for men only. But like almost everything else today, ladies are breaking this norm and are becoming increasingly popular as gamblers. xChocobars is a player who gained fame by sharing her games live on Twitch. Although she has made a name for herself on the platform by streaming League of Legends live, she has also built a strong fan base on YouTube and other social media sites. Here are things you should know about her.

xChocobars Biography

xChocoBars may not be one of the most popular faces out there, as it is not an ordinary celebrity known by singers, actors, or athletes. As a result, not so much is known about her. However, she is Canadian, born in Toronto on November 5, 1994.

Her birth name is Janet Rose and she is of Asian descent, but she grew up in Canada. Even though she can speak Shanghai, the Canadian-Chinese Vlogger can neither read nor write in this language.

Little is known about her family life, her upbringing, and her education, except for the few clues she gives in her video sessions about her parents and her school days. She has an older brother known only by the name of his YouTube channel, Stitches81. Like his sister, he also decided to start vlogging in 2018.

xChocobars Biography Who Is The Boyfriend? How Did She Become Popular
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The Canadian player, who has become popular through her live streaming on Twitch, also enjoys a very generous fan base on various other social media sites. On Twitter, she has a follower base approaching one hundred thousand, while on Instagram she has reached a huge follower base that has exceeded one hundred and fifty thousand by the end of May 2018.

In the same line, xChocoBars also has a good presence on Facebook, where the Canadian-born gamer was able to put more than 15,000 Likes on her site. Just like on her other platforms, she has also used Facebook to share her videos and to entertain and keep her fans busy.

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On YouTube, another platform that xChocoBars has used to promote herself and her videos, the League of Legends player has over a hundred thousand subscribers. Although she launched the channel in August 2013, she already has nearly 200 videos, and thanks to her large fan base, she has received nearly 6 million hits.

More than anything else, she is known as a Twitch star. On the platform, xChocobars, whose name is made up of chocolate bars, has collected over 300,000 subscribers who have posted over 180 videos by the end of the first half of 2018.

Who Is The Boyfriend?

Janet Rose is definitely a beautiful woman and I’m sure many men will try to go out with her. Nevertheless, she has revealed more than once that she is in a relationship and even tells things about her boyfriend.

However, the true identity of the boyfriend still remains very much hidden. There is speculation by many that the boyfriend of the League of Legends player is the Canadian YouTuber, Disguised Toast. The two have obviously been very close for a long time and have played games together. Their connection has been described as “jousting,” although they use it mainly when they play games against each other. In fact, the name has been given a hashtag on Twitter.

xChocobars Biography Who Is The Boyfriend? How Did She Become Popular
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Apart from their closeness, “Disguised Toast”, whose real name is Jeremy Wang and Janet Rose, has further fuelled rumors about their relationship with xChocoBars by saying in one of their joint videos that she did not prevent him from talking to other girls when she entered the relationship, just as she would not prevent herself from talking to other boys. More than anything else, this has led people to believe that Jeremy Wang, born in 1991, is the boyfriend.

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How Did She Become Popular 

How people can become popular has changed dramatically with the advent of social media. In the past people had to be actors, singers, in the sports world or something other than the norm in the mainstream to become popular, now a young person can choose to play games and share them with other young people who are interested in the same game and become famous for it. This is exactly how xChocobars became popular.

In order to maintain and expand her popularity, as mentioned above, she has also visited various social media sites to spread her work and maintain her commitment with fans and all who follow her.