Who is Trevor Ariza? His Wife (Bree Anderson), Family and NBA Career
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If you are the type of person who is interested in basketball, then you have probably heard of basketball superstar Trevor Anthony Ariza, popularly known as Trevor Ariza by fans. The tall, bold and handsome baller is a celebrated African-American professional basketball player who is a member of the Houston Rockets of the NBA, where he plays in the number one jersey as a small striker and shooting guard.

Facts About Trevor Ariza and His NBA Career

Trevor Ariza was born on 30 June 1985. His career as a basketball player stretches from 2004 until today. After the 2004 NBA draft, he turned pro when he was lucky enough to be one of the players selected by the New York Knicks, and finally, Trevor Ariza set a record as the youngest player ever to wear the New York Knicks jersey and play for the team. He played in 80 games with an average of 5.9 points per game. At the time he joined the Knicks team he was exactly 19 years, four months, and four days old.

In February 2006, just two years after the debut of his professional career, Trevor and his colleague Penny Hardaway were exchanged for Steve Francis in exchange for another basketball team – Orlando Magic. The basketball veteran played 21 games with an average of 4.7 points per game.

Who is Trevor Ariza? His Wife (Bree Anderson), Family and NBA Career
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It seems that Trevor did not stay with Orlando Magic for long, because in November 2007, barely a year after joining the team, he was rejoined the Los Angeles Lakers team, but he had a bone injury in his right foot that made him miss several games with the Lakes. Here Trevor Ariza scored 26 points in a game against the Dallas Mavericks with Utah Jazz, which was a career highlight. He was also a member of the Laker team when they won the NBA championship in 2009.

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The celebrated basketball player signed a contract with Team Houston Rockets on July 3, 2009, for more than five years worth 33 million dollars. With a 111-107 win, Trevor scored a career highlight of 33 points in a match against the Portland Trail Blazers on 31 October 2009. Unfortunately, the basketball superstar was kicked out on December 13, 2009, after his deliberate attempt to beat DeMar DeRozan from the opposing Toronto Raptors team after stealing the ball from him. His penalty for the offense was a suspension for one game, but he made up for it in the final game of the Rockets season on 14 April 2010, where he recorded his first triple-double in his career.

The ball player joined the New Orleans Hornets on August 11, 2010, as part of a four and five-man swap with Courtney Lee, who moved to Houston, James Posey and Darren Collison, who joined the Indiana Pacers team, and finally Troy Murphy, who moved to the New Jersey Nets. It is on record that Trevor Ariza was able to score many career highlights in minutes per game, but luck was not on their side as the Los Angeles Lakers defeated them in six games in the first round.

Trevor was sold to the Washington Wizards on 20 June 2012 in exchange for Rashard Lewis, again with Emeka Okafor. During his time with the Wizards, he had several career highlights in games against Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Chicago Bulls. As a result, the famous basketball player was taken over by the Houston Rockets for the second time on 15 July 2014 and has remained with the team to this day.

Facts About His Family Members – Wife (Bree Anderson) and Mom

The famous baller was born of his father, Trevor Saunders, and his mother, Lolita Ariza. He had two brothers, Kenny and Tajh Ariza, unfortunately, he lost his younger brother Tajh on March 18, 1996, when he fell from a hotel room window in Caracas, Venezuela, where his stepfather Kenny McClary was playing a game as a professional basketball player. McClay played pro basketball for the University of Florida.

Who is Trevor Ariza? His Wife (Bree Anderson), Family and NBA Career
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Trevor named his son Tajh after his late brother Tajh because he said he was the first to tell him that he would end up as a professional basketball player, so every time he entered the court he would think of him in prayer and ask Tajh to take care of him.

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As for his love life, Trevor is married to his long-time girlfriend Bree Anderson, a charming black woman with a pale complexion. They have three children, two boys, and a girl, including a six-year-old boy named Tajh, a three-year-old boy named Tristan, and a newborn girl named Taylor. Whenever they appear in public, the couple seems to look so happy together with their children. In many of her photos published on social media, we see them arm in arm, beaming at each other or in a romantic embrace. One can conveniently assume that the duo lives in marital bliss and separation or divorce seem to be miles away from them.

How Tall Is He?

As expected, a basketball player is usually great on the high side, and Trevor Ariza’s is no exception. The celebrated basketball player stands at a height of 6 feet 7 inches with a bodyweight of 98 kg. As an African American, he comes with black hair and black eyes. He also has an athletic physique.