Who is Meredith Foster? Her Age, Height, Weight Loss Journey, Net Worth
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Meredith Foster is a popular YouTube style influencer whose online tutorials on makeup and fashion have won her millions of followers. Foster has a self-titled channel where she uploads entertaining videos that have over 4.7 million subscribers to date.

The beauty and lifestyle blogger is also known through her self-titled Vine account. But that still doesn’t explain who Meredith Foster really is; her life before fame and how she got here.

Who is Meredith Foster and What is Her Age?

Meredith Foster was born on November 5, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, where she grew up as the daughter of her parents Steve and Laura Foster. She has a fraternal twin brother named Michael and an older sister Elizabeth; all three siblings share a very special bond, as can be seen from the Whisper Challenge video she uploaded.

From elementary school to college, Foster is reportedly a straight-A student. In addition to her love of academics and books, she has actively participated in sports such as softball and basketball, as well as cheerleading competitions; as the central cheerleader, her team was undefeated.

She was interested in YouTube videos, which she often watched during the summers of her high school years. She was inspired to create her own site and upload videos to it.

Who is Meredith Foster? Her Age, Height, Weight Loss Journey, Net Worth
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Meredith Foster Career 

Foster began gaining popularity on her YouTube account after her sister, who was working for a newspaper at the time, mentioned this in one of her articles. First, she deactivated the account when her classmate started teasing her about it, but later she reactivated it in 2010 with an apology video to her viewers.

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Since then, Foster has uploaded videos ranging from fashion tips to preparations with her to home improvement videos, which are in high demand by fans. With enormous subscriptions, she gained massive popularity, which motivated her to start a second channel where she uploads vlogs on a weekly basis. Her enthusiastic and humorous personality is largely the reason why she has won the hearts of millions of fans. She also works hard to entertain her viewers with new videos every day.

The beauty and lifestyle influencer has published more than a hundred gift videos since 2010. Here are some of her latest videos: How Meredith Foster lost all her friends (2018); How girls behave in fall (2018); How girls behave on the first day of school when they return to school (2017); Morning routine: NYC Hotel Edition (2015); My apartment tour in VR (2016); How to get Taylor Swift’s curls without heat!…; and so many other exciting videos.

On August 8, 2018, Foster celebrated nine years on YouTube with a video and thanked her fans for their continued love, support and kindness.

In addition to posting videos on YouTube, Foster commands more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her training, travel, hair, house, people and pets, and videos. Her Twitter handle has up to 1.31 million followers and nearly half a million followers on Facebook.

Her love for pets is so intense that she said if she wasn’t into beauty care, the veterinary profession would be her other career choice.

One of her favorite hobbies is music, and Foster mentioned that she would like to learn to play the guitar one day, citing Taylor Swift as her inspiration.

Meredith Foster Net Worth

The YouTube star has achieved fame over the years with consistency and dedication to her career as a vlogger. Not surprisingly, her net worth is estimated at $500,000. Not bad for someone as young as she is.

Weight Loss Journey and Height 

Who is Meredith Foster? Her Age, Height, Weight Loss Journey, Net Worth
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Meredith Foster’s journey to weight loss arose from her ongoing battle with body dysmorphia. The media star opened up about it on her YouTube page after she was accused of having an eating disorder. She denied any suspicion of any health problems, although she appeared slimmer than before.

However, Foster admitted that she was struggling with a negative mental perception of her body. On her Instagram page, she titled a side-by-side picture of herself wearing gym equipment in December 2016 and running on the beach in a bikini in May 2016. She wrote that although she had achieved her fitness goal, she still found it difficult to fully accept and love herself.

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Born in Los Angeles, Vlogger began a new fitness routine in 2017 that has caused many fans and supporters to wonder whether she suffers from anorexia or not. It was also rumored that her eating disorder was the reason for the end of her friendship with other YouTubers, Sierra Furtados, Teala Dunn, and Eva Gutowski.

Considering her petite height of 5’1″ (1.55 m), fans trumped her site with comments expressing concerns about her intense fitness program and diet. Things heated up when Foster was not seen on YouTube for months, but the young logger returned after three long months with a message saying she needed to break the connection and reconnect with people who would make her happy.