Who is Mark Fischbach, What is He Known For, How Much is He Worth?
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The use of the Internet should never be underestimated. Social media has been a tool that has brought fame and fortune to many people like Mark Fischbach, a talented and respected YouTube celebrity. It is said that he is one of YouTube’s millionaires and someone who is loved by his fans and followers because of his personality. Many are interested in finding out more information about him, so here he is. Read on to find out what you need to know about him.

Who is Mark Fischbach?

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 28, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, and is known online as “Markiplier”. He is an American YouTube star who is best known for his YouTube channel. He is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and has an older brother named Thomas (Tom) Jason Fischbach, who is the artist and author of the webcomic “Two Kinds”. Fischbach was born in the Tripler Army Medical Centre in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father served in the military, and it was there that his father met his mother, who was of Korean descent. He is with Amy Nebon and they have been together since 2015.

What is He Known For? YouTube Career 

Fischbach always wanted to become a biochemical engineer and studied the course at the University of Cincinnati, but dropped out of college to continue his then-burgeoning YouTube career. Mark Fischbach started his career in Cincinnati, Ohio. He first came to YouTube on May 26, 2012, and founded a channel called “Markiplier”. He specializes in Let’s Play gameplay commentary videos and games, which generally consist of survival horror and action video games.

Who is Mark Fischbach, What is He Known For, How Much is He Worth?
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His first series was a play-through of the video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which was uploaded on April 4, 2012. His Adsense account was suspended by YouTube after playing the Penumbra and Dead Space series. He created a new channel called MarkiplierGAME. His channel has over 9 billion total views and 20 million subscribers and is currently ranked 32nd most subscribed channel on YouTube.

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Markiplier is known for his sensational video game commentaries that include shouting, screaming, cursing, and even crying. In 2014, his YouTube channel MarkiplierGAME was ranked 61st in the New Media Rockstar Top 100 channels. He has appeared in series such as TomSka’s asdfmovie series and has also played many games on his channel, including the Five Nights at Freddy’s Series, Garry’s Models, Happy Wheels, and others. Fischbach joined the Red Giant Entertainment Board in 2014 and was featured on YouTube Rewind in 2015. He also co-hosted the South by Southwest (SXSW) Gaming Awards with Janet Varney, the dubbing artist for Legend of Korra.

Mark Fischbach’s main focus is on indie games of different genres to give them more attention. He has also played games outside the horror genre, such as Minecraft (in his popular and long-running series Drunk Minecraft). In 2014, Fischbach announced his plan to move to Los Angeles, California, and live in other cities so that he could be near other resources that help his channels, such as the YouTube room and other content creators. In 2015, he was ranked sixth on the list of the twenty most influential celebrities among teenagers in the United States of America.

Who is Mark Fischbach, What is He Known For, How Much is He Worth?
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How Much is He Worth? – Charities

Mark Fischbach is one of the wealthiest YouTube millionaires in the world today. His net worth is estimated at 10 million dollars, which is a very large sum in his profession.

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He is often referred to as one of the kindest, most generous, and down-to-earth YouTubers, which is due to the fact that he likes to do charity work. Together with other YouTuber friends, he has also done many live streams and fundraisers for charity. He has also donated to charities such as Doctors Without Borders and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, located in his hometown. He even dyed his hair pink for a charity event at Jacksepticeye’s side in September 2015.

Fischbach enjoys maintaining a close relationship with his viewers by interacting with them frequently through social media. On March 23, 2015, he underwent emergency surgery for intestinal obstruction and posted a video from his hospital bed that reached over 5 million viewers. The surgery was a success and his fans were happy to see him return to Vlogging.