Who Is Laci Kay Somers – The Playboy Model Linked To Tiger Woods
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Call her a jack-of-all-trades, and you will be sure. She is a personal trainer, cosmetic nurse, singer, actress, swimwear model, pianist, internet sensation, and sports enthusiast. Laci Kay Somers is a stunning and prominent personality who has achieved fame through her activities on various social media platforms.

While it is undeniable that Somers was already on her way to the top of her career before she was associated with 14-time Major Golf Champion Tiger Woods, it is widely believed that her meteoric rise to immense popularity was made possible by her controversial relationship.

Ever since Kay’s diverse talents and widespread infidelities brought her into the limelight, questions about her personal life and career have been on the front pages of various tabloids. In this article, you will learn more about the blonde stunner. Read on!

Who Is Laci Kay Somers – The Playboy Model Linked To Tiger Woods
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Who Is Laci Kay Somers – The Playboy Model Linked To Tiger Woods 

She is an American social media personality and model who was born on December 7 in the San Francesca Bay Area. She belongs to a mixed ethnic group, while her nationality is American because she was born in the states. More information about her family background, relationships, school achievements, and early life is currently missing on the map.

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As a role model, Kay has featured in magazines of several well-known companies such as GlamRock and Playboy. She has also worked as a model for the MMA Strikeforce. The model also runs her personal YouTube channel where she shares cover songs, vlogs, shopping videos, and other videos with her fans on a weekly basis. Laci launched her YouTube channel on September 17, 2009, but her first video did not appear on the Internet until January 23, 2014. She titled the video Laci Kay Somers in Boots & Booty Shorts and was also featured in a video called: The moment when you get mixed signals next to Tyler Aryai and C-Lo.

She can boast of having well over 165,000 subscribers to her channel, where she has reportedly launched a site to raise money for her music career. On Facebook, Laci has over 300,000 fans, while her Instagram account has more than 7.3 million followers. Basically, she shares her racy pictures on this platform with her fans.

Who Is Laci Kay Somers – The Playboy Model Linked To Tiger Woods
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As a sports enthusiast, the model enjoys playing golf, American football, and basketball. As for her relationship with Woods, it is not clear what actually drew the golfer to Laci Kay Somers, where they met, and how long they had been seeing each other before their relationship became public in April 2017. Perhaps what attracted Woods to her could be her love of golf (who knows), but one thing is clear, she is Tiger’s type, and that’s all that matters.

According to her height and other body statistics, Somers is 1.5 meters 7 inches tall and her weight is between 54 and 55 kilograms. Her body measurements are simply detailed as follows: She has a pair of blue eyes, while her hair color is blonde.

Lesser Known Facts About The Model

1. Laci Kay Somers’s net worth is estimated at $2.98 million In addition to her modeling career, she earns her money through various business channels that she manages, including but not limited to brand referrals and advertising campaigns.

2. Laci owns a spacious apartment in California and a luxury car.

3. She has a personal website called: www.lacikaysomers.com where she also promotes various products such as clothing, t-shirts, and other amazing things.

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4. Kay has a phobia of darkness.

5. She loves guys that make her laugh and guys that have tattoos on their bodies.

6. She loves to sleep with a fan. She even loves to hold her face directly against a fan while she sleeps.

7. As already mentioned, she is a cosmetic nurse. We learned that she is a registered American nurse.

8. Somers once told us that she likes to compete with her rivals.

9. The YouTuber is an expert in cooking.

10. You can connect with her on Instagram via @lacikaysomers/, on Twitter via @lacikaysomers/ If you are a big fan of her and want to meet her on Facebook, you can easily contact her through her official Facebook account.