Who Is Katie Leclerc, Is She Deaf In Real Life? Married, Husband, Biography
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Besides acting, did you know that Katie Leclerc has special skills for things like boxing, martial arts, hiking, climbing, jet skiing, snowboarding, cooking, and what else do you have? Well, she has some!

Given the frequently asked questions about the actress, ranging from things that can be related to the basic facts of her biography to her deafness in real life, her married life, and the question of who her husband is, we have put together this play to provide answers to the questions.

Biography – Who Is Katie Leclerc?

The American actress, born as the youngest child of her parents’ three children, became super famous as Daphne in the TV series “Switched at Birth” by ABC Family. She was named Katie Lynn Leclerc after her birth on November 6, 1986.

According to her records, her birthplace was in San Antonio, Texas, where she grew up before the family moved to Lakewood, Colorado, where she spent most of the days of her early life.

Who Is Katie Leclerc, Is She Deaf In Real Life? Married, Husband, Biography
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According to Katie, she discovered that she had a preference for acting after playing a leading role in a production in elementary school. Although other activities such as dancing and basketball also aroused her interest, her love of acting triumphed. Even when her family moved to San Diego to give her the opportunity to try out new things, Katie did not let her dream of becoming an actress fall apart. She continued to chase her passion and it was only a matter of time before she started to land commercials with well-known brands.

Her dream came true when she got the chance to appear as Crystal in Rob Thomas’s TV series Veronica Mars. Since then Katie Leclerc has played a handful of roles in movies and has appeared in many television series. But she still hopes for better days and for reaching greater heights.

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Is She Deaf In Real Life?

The American actress has given her fans and indeed everyone who would meet her here reasons to ask the above question.

It all started when she got her groundbreaking lead role in Switched at Birth. In the family drama created by Lizzy Weiss, Katie Daphne had to play Paloma Vasquez; a teenager with hearing problems who was later diagnosed with a disorder of the inner ear (Ménière’s disease). Because of her realistic portrayal of Daphne, it was difficult for the show’s audience to imagine that the lady was not deaf in real life.

If the speculation that Katie Leclerc is deaf in real life was reinforced by her appearance as Emily in the popular sitcom by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady – The Big Bang Theory, it was practically confirmed when it was circulated that the actress and her boyfriend adopted a deaf dog.

Katie appeared in two episodes of the highly acclaimed sitcom as Rajesh Koothrappali’s (Kunal Nayyar) love interest; she played the deaf friend of Rajesh Koothrappali. And it was assumed that she chose the deaf dog because she could identify with the dog’s situation. But as it happened, she and her lover only found out that the dog was hard of hearing when he did not respond to her calls.

Based on the above, many have concluded that the actress is deaf, while many others wonder if this is really the case. Well, here’s what we know – Katie is not deaf, but she suffers from vertigo and Ménière’s disease. She confirmed this sometime in 2014 when she claimed that this condition was a great blessing for her, pointing out that she probably could not have represented Daphne if she did not have the hearing loss problem.

Katie Leclerc’s older sister teaches American Sign Language (ASL) as we have learned. Apparently, Meniere’s disease is a family matter. Her sister and her father also suffer from the disease and the actress even started learning ASL before she was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease.

Is She Married? – Katie Leclerc’s Husband 

Who Is Katie Leclerc, Is She Deaf In Real Life? Married, Husband, Biography
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It was no secret that Brian Habecost was once the great love in Katie’s life. The actress went out with the man who became famous as her lover for many years before they finally agreed to be each other’s, life partners.

As far as we know, sometime in November 2013, it circulated that the “Switched at Birth” actress is engaged to her boyfriend, a real estate agent. Everyone was happy for her, as the two were obviously crazy about each other and could hardly wait to start a life together as a man and wife.

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Habecost took the time to make his marriage proposal to Katie unforgettable for her. It is said that he decorated her house with balloons and flowers with a banner saying, “Katie, will you marry me?”. The actress was literally enraptured when she entered her house; she cried, Brian fell to one knee, and the two were married on September 6, 2014.

But as fate would have it, Katie Brian’s marriage would not last, not even for half a decade. In July 2017 it turned out that the actress had taken a step to let go of her marriage, she applied for a divorce from her husband. While those who loved the two of them together hoped they would solve their marital problems and put their marriage in order, the divorce became a reality, the Katie Brian connection officially died in 2017. What happened to the deep affection the two felt for each other? Hardly anyone can say.