Who Is Jimi Manuwa? Height, Weight, 6 Things About The UFC Martial Artist
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The extremely tough, mixed martial artist Jimi Manuwa fought his way to 5th place in the official UFC light heavyweight ranking in 2018. He is known for his fast and tricky movements in the ring, which led him to great heights on the platform. Manuwa, who fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight division, did not need so much time to learn the skills required for his dream sport.

After he started training in 2007, he made his ring debut in 2008 and proved to be incomparably good. The UFC fighter has also won a large fan base, many of whom are fascinated by his life inside and outside the ring. Based on his background and success story, several questions have been raised about him among fans who are truly interested in the mixed martial arts fighter. Let’s start with the frequently asked questions:

Who is Jimi Manuwa?

He is a mixed UFC martial artist who was born on February 18, 1980. He started his career in 2007 when he started training in mixed martial arts. Shortly after starting his training, he started fighting under the Ultimate Challenge MMA platform in the UK and soon became a champion in that platform. His next mission was on the BAMMA platform, where he won the Frenchman Antony Rea via TKO.

Who Is Jimi Manuwa? Height, Weight, 6 Things About The UFC Martial Artist
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After turning down several offers to fight at the UFC, Manuwa signed under the platform later in 2012. He made his UFC debut on Fuel TV 5, where he fought Kylie Kingsbury and won after only two rounds via TKO. Manuwa went on a victory tour and won his second fight against Cyrille Diabate the following year. In 2013 he won the fight against Ryan Jimmo again but lost the fight against Alexandra Gustafsson by TKO in 2014.

Jimi suffered an injury that year and withdrew from his fight against Mauricio Rua. He returned in 2015 to win the fight against Jan Blachowicz at UFC Fight Night 64. In March 2018 he faced Blachowicz again in a rematch but lost the fight by unanimous decision. Jimi has recorded 17 wins from 21 fights so far; 15 of the 17 wins were achieved by knockout.

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Jimi Manuwa Body Measurements –  Height, Weight

Jimi Manuwa stands at a height of 1.85 m (6ft 1in), which is quite proportional to his weight of 93 kg. His range is 79 inches. Undoubtedly, he makes full use of his physique and strength when fighting a fighter.

Here are 6 Things to Know About the UFC Martial Artist

1. Ethnicity

Jimi Manuwa is of British nationality, but of Nigerian descent (Yoruba ethnicity). His full birth name is Babajimi. He was born in California but spent some time in Nigeria before he went to London at the age of 10.

2. Troubled Childhood

Manuwa had a rather peculiar childhood, which was a great strain on him and his family at that time. His family had moved from the USA to Nigeria because of hard times, but when Jimi was 10 years old they moved to London and enrolled him in a school. Jimi was at that time a controversial and strange child who got into arguments and got involved in several acts of youthful exuberance. In order to make money quickly, he committed burglaries, shoplifting, stole people’s belongings, and much more – acts that constantly got him into trouble with the police. He was arrested in 2002 and released in 2003.

3. Charity

Jimi Manuwa was not satisfied with fighting alone at the ring. He tried to create facilities that not only functioned commercially but also helped other people to discover themselves. In 2011 he founded the Lion’s Pride MMA gym. Because Jimi Manuwa knows the problems that come with adolescence, he also trains young aspiring mixed martial artists who hope to make it in this sport.

4. Love Life

Who Is Jimi Manuwa? Height, Weight, 6 Things About The UFC Martial Artist
Image source

Although he seems so involved in his career, Jimi Manuwa takes time for his family and love life. He is married to Nina Quaranta. With his loving wife Nina, Manuwa has four children – three daughters, Marni, Isabella, and Havana, and a son, Jaydon.

5. Jimi Manuwa Net Worth

Manuwa has watched its financial status grow over the years. For each of his fights, Manuwa goes home with no less than $250,000. Jimi’s career earnings have been estimated at $673,000, and that number will continue to grow. His net worth is also estimated at $500,000.

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6. Accomplishments

Manuwa’s very impressive records include a double victory in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Fight of the Night. His first victory was against Alexander Gustafsson and the second against Jan Blachowicz. He also won twice under the podium, first against Ovince Saint Preux and then against Corey Anderson. Under the MMA platform, Manuwa has won five titles and a UCMMA championship in light heavyweight.