What We Know About Zendaya’s Family Life, Siblings and Net Worth?
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Zendaya, one of the greatest stars of her generation, became known as a child star on Disney Chanel and has since then aroused our interest in no small measure. The singer, dancer, and actress grew up in the limelight and has done well to develop her craft from a child star to a real entertainer.

In the midst of all this fame, she is probably one of the most down-to-earth celebrities you can find. If you spend even five minutes on her Instagram page, you’ll immediately realize that she comes from one of those happy big families that radiate a contagious bond that’s hard to miss. Much of her has been influenced by the type of family she comes from. Her bond with her father is still so strong that he serves as her manager and plays an important role in her professional life.

Parents and Family Background of Zendaya

Zendaya comes from a diverse family with connections to different continents. The star has African and European roots with which she strongly identifies. On her mother’s side, she has German and Scottish roots, on her father’s side Nigerian and Zimbabwean roots.

What We Know About Zendaya’s Family Life, Siblings and Net Worth?

Her parents are Claire Marie (Stoermer) and Kazembe Ajamu, her father’s name was Samuel David Coleman, but he changed it to identify more with his roots after the DNA results revealed his true parentage. The two married in 2008 when Zendaya was still in her early teens, but their marriage ended amicably in 2017. Nevertheless, they are still an integral part of their daughter’s life.

Until recently, Zendaya lived with her parents, not because she can’t afford to live alone, but there seem to be some perks she is not ready to give up yet. She once told Ellen Degeneres that she enjoys not having an alarm clock, not driving, and enjoying all the free food. Things have changed, though, since she has moved into her apartment.

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Her Relationship With Her Father

Zendaya’s father is also her manager and protects his little girl. He even accompanied her on what the media saw as a date. At the Grammy afterparty, the starlet was seen making friends with Odell Beckham Jr. while her father was a few steps away. When asked by a reporter if he approved of the relationship, he said, “What relationship? There is no relationship. They are just friends…”.

According to the actress, the two biggest female influences on her life were her mother and her older sister Katianna.

What We Know About Zendaya’s Family Life, Siblings and Net Worth?

Who Are Zendaya’s Siblings?

Here is a fun fact about the actress: she was born as an aunt with two nieces on the floor. At the time of writing, the star has eight nieces and nephews. She is closest to her niece Ezenia Coleman, who is one year older than her.

Zendaya is her parents’ only child, but she has five older siblings from her father’s previous relationships, two brothers and three sisters. Her names are Kaylee, Annabella, Austin, Katiana, and Julien.

If you think social media is a nice place to track her down, you’re on the wrong track. Zendaya has often said on her Instagram page that her siblings don’t have much to do with social media and don’t even have Instagram accounts. They live their lives pretty much from the constant glamour that Zendaya is exposed to.

What We Know About Zendaya’s Family Life, Siblings and Net Worth?

Zendaya’s Net Worth and Most Successful Projects

A large part of Zendaya’s income comes from her acting career. She entered her first scene in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up. Since then she has starred in commercially exploitable blockbusters such as Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019).

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Spider-Man: Homecoming brought in $880.2 million on a budget of $175 million, while Spider-Man: Far from Home did even better at the box office, bringing in $1.132 billion on a budget of $160 million. These impressive figures have certainly done Zendaya’s net worth a lot of good.

Also a good singer, her single “Replay” was awarded platinum. She peaked at #8 in Australia and was #20 on the US pop charts and #40 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the star moved to her $1.4 million mansions in northern Los Angeles in 2017. It is estimated that Zendaya currently has a net worth of $5 million.