What Is Jean Muggli Doing Now After Splitting From Michael Strahan?
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When Michael Strahan and his wife Jean Muggli got divorced in 2006, this was another shocking story about a love gone wrong. The duo had only been together for nearly seven years and had been blessed with twin daughters Isabella and Sophia until then. The end of their relationship was then the most expensive divorce in the US sports arena, only to be eclipsed much later by others like Michael Jordan’s. So far we know that Muggli has custody of her two daughters. However, fans are curious to know what was the cause of the angry separation and of course what she has been up to since the divorce. We did not hide any details in this play.

Who Is Jean Muggli?

Jean Muggli was born Jean Marie Muggli on November 30, 1964, in North Dakota. However, Muggli did not reveal much about her early education, her parents, or her job. What we do know, however, is that she and her sister Denise Muggli grew up in Queens Borough, New York City, where she attended elementary school and high school. After graduating college, Muggli worked as a manager of a cosmetics store in New York City before she met Michael Strahan.

What Is Jean Muggli Doing Now After Splitting From Michael Strahan?
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How Did She Meet Michael Strahan?

It was an ordinary day in February 1996, Jean Muggli had just gone to a spa in the Manhattan area of New York City, but she knew too little about what fate had prepared for her that day. There she met the man who would become her lover and partner for the next decade. Micheal Strahan, an NFL player for the New York Giants, had also gone to the same spa. It was love at first sight, perhaps the player was entranced by her blonde beauty. The two began dating almost immediately and their relationship flourished over the next three years. When they were convinced of their love tango, the couple went a step further and on July 18, 1999, they made the covenant for life. Five years later, they welcomed a series of twin girls whom they baptized Sophia and Isabella.

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What Led to Their Divorce?

The couple continued to enjoy marital bliss, but over the next few years, things went downhill. The inner turmoil in their marriage shot up in 2006. Jean Muggli had become clear and accused her husband of physically abusing her. According to reports, she was abused until she discovered blood in her urine for several days. Medical reports showed that her kidneys were not functioning optimally because of the blows she had received from her husband.

Muggli also confessed that her husband was involved in several extramarital affairs. She accused Michael of videotaping her sister Denise undressing. This was in 1997, two years before they got married, but Michael Strahan denied all the accusations. In his opinion, the real reason for their divorce began when he confronted Muggli with a withdrawal of 3.3 million dollars from her bank account.

The Aftermath of the Divorce

What Is Jean Muggli Doing Now After Splitting From Michael Strahan?
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On 20 July 2006, Muggli and Strahan were officially divorced and she retained custody of her two girls. Six months later, in January 2007, a New York court under Judge James B. Convery granted Jean Muggli a whopping $15 million in a divorce settlement. The court also ruled that Strahan would pay her $18,000 a month to support her children. At the time, it was one of the most expensive divorces in sports history. However, with a total net worth of $22 million, Michael Strahan appealed. Out of $18,000, he had to pay $2,000 monthly alimony. Two months later the court decided that his luxury villa should be auctioned off to raise the necessary funds for the settlement. After the sale, the proceeds of $3.6 million were divided among the ex-spouse and his wife.

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Do The Girls Still See Their Father?

So far, the girls still get to see their father, and their relationship with him was no less cordial. Strahan wants his girls to grow up to be self-confident women who are not ashamed to stand up for themselves and who are proud of their origins. Now the teenager’s Isabella and Sophia are growing up into beautiful young women who are always sure of their father’s love and care.

What Has Jean Muggli Been Up to Since the Split?

Although we know that Michael Strahan has moved on and was even engaged to Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, there is too little to tell about his ex-wife Jean Muggli. So far, she has settled into an inconspicuous lifestyle since then, concentrating on being the current mother to her two teenage daughters.