Vickie Guerrero Bio, At A Young Age, Relationship With Kris Benson, Net Worth
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Vickie Guerrero is one of the outstanding female names in the world of wrestling. The bold and beautiful American authority figure of professional wrestling, who is also a medical director, is a famous face in the WWE. She is the widow of the infamous and late professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero. She was introduced to the WWE as the wife of Eddie Guerrero and has since carved out her own niche and worked as a manager for numerous wrestlers.

Vickie Guerrero Bio/Wiki

Vickie Guerrero was born on April 16, 1968, as Victoria Lynn Lara in El Paso, Texas, United States of America. She is American. Her ethnicity is white. Her star sign is Aries. Vickie Guerrero currently lives in Houston, Texas, United States of America. From her educational background, we know that she studied at the private non-profit Herzing University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Vickie, who is known for her negative persona on television and her characteristic slogan “Excuse me!”, has given no information about her early life and family.

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Vickie Guerrero’s Net Worth

Vickie Guerrero is one of the most influential names in the world of wrestling, thanks to the illustrious career of her late husband, Eddie Guerrero in the WWE industry. She has a good height of 5 feet and 6 inches. She has a pleasant personality despite the negative persona she portrays in the WWE circles. She is earning a fortune amount of salary. Her estimated net worth is around $8 million.

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Vickie Guerrero Career

A look at the successful career of Vickie Guerrero shows that it began in 2005. The very first step to her successful journey with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was later that year when she appeared for the first time in the WWE alongside her husband Eddie Guerrero when he was fighting a cold war with WWE legend Rey Mysterio. Thanks to her extreme dedication, coupled with the strength and passion with which she performed her duties, she surprisingly rose to the rank of assistant in 2007.

Later that same year (2007) she was promoted to General Manager. She had her first position in wrestling management between 2009 and 2010 at LayCool. She also managed other WWE superstars like Dolph Ziggler, Edge, John Cena, Chavo Guerrero, Jack Swagger, Big Show, and many more.

Since the death of her husband Eddie Guerrero in November 2005 due to a heart condition, Vickie has become a prominent voice in the WWE. She has wrestled in the WWE Diva department, became general manager of RAW, and also appeared in the WWE video games. Vickie has also directed several weekly episodes of WWE shows. She has received numerous awards and rewards that have honored her for her efforts. She retired from WWE in 2014 to pursue a career in medical administration.

Vickie Guerrero Bio, At A Young Age, Relationship With Kris Benson, Net Worth
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Vickie Guerrero Affairs/Relationship With Kris Benson

Vickie Guerrero’s first known relationship was with her first husband, Eddie Guerrero. He was one of the most popular WWE superstars in the entire industry before his untimely death. Vickie and Eddie met in a nightclub. It was a blind date, and she was sure that if she didn’t like him, she would just meet someone else. But this was not the case because she ended up staying all night at Eddie’s side and that was the beginning of their relationship.

Vickie and Eddie dated for a very long time – exactly three years before they finally got married. In April 1990 Vickie tied the knot with Eddie Guerrero because she was already pregnant. Vickie’s father didn’t want his daughter to be born out of wedlock, so he urged her to marry before the child was born. But the marriage was not too eternal, because the cold hands of death hit her prematurely and she lost her husband in 2005. On November 13, 2005, Eddie was found dead in a hotel room – the Marriot Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota – by his nephew and WWE star Chavo Guerrero. He attempted CPR, but Eddie was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived. He was later diagnosed as dying of acute heart failure.

Vickie had two daughters with Eddie Guerrero before his unfortunate demise. Their first daughter Shaul Marie Guerrero was born on October 14, 1990. Their second child, Sherilyn Amber Guerrero, was born in 1995.

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When Eddie died, it was a very difficult pill for Vickie to swallow. She lost her love, the father of her children, she lost everything. She said Eddie left her all alone. Enduring the loss of a loved one is not an easy pill to swallow, and so on June 18, 2015, Vickie Guerrero announced her engagement to her partner Kris Benson.

They celebrated their love in a wedding ceremony on September 12, 2015. Vickie’s daughters with Eddie – Shaul, and Sherilyn were also present. Currently, they live happily as husband and wife. Vickie insists on being called Vickie Benson to get away from her late husband. There is no sign of a separation between the lovely couple.